A desperate call….

Cristina Fierro was a troubled youth picked up by a violent pimp named Rasheed when she was 16. 

She was delivered  to NFL star Lawrence Taylor’s hotel room – he had arranged to pay Rasheed $300 to have sex with the young girl, and even though she was delivered with a black eye and bloody nose, refused him, and was crying, Taylor was not deterred for a moment. 

She sneaked a desperate phone call to her uncle, but police never came. She was raped by Taylor and then given the $300 … which, of course, she handed over to the pimp.

The pimp was eventually arrested. But Taylor, initially charged with rape, pled guilty to the misdemeanor crimes of patronizing a prostitute and sexual misconduct – and got off with six years’ probation!

A prostituted child was demeaned as a “working girl,” and the culture of tolerance winked at the “hero” who just needed his needs met.

Cristina later filed a civil suit against him under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, perhaps the first time a victim has sued a buyer. She did not prevail, but her suit broke important ground, advancing discussion about the culpability of buyers in the sex-trafficking machine.

Isn’t it time they pay for the misery they cause? 

 Absolutely. And please stand with us, as we pursue justice for young victims and open eyes to where justice fails to identify buyers as criminals.

The above is from  Shared Hope International (click on the words to go to the site)

13 thoughts on “A desperate call….

  1. Ty for sharing the link to this site and Taylor set an example showing other perps how they can get away with raping children and getting away with it.


  2. Cristina is a brave girl to come out and tell her story and sue the “hero”. But what was said was true, once a girl is labelled a “call girl” no one bothers to see her background or pity her for what happened.
    And when I read the top, and when it was said that the NFL player was sent to jail for 6 years, (oops I now re-read again and realize he was given only 6 year probation..) I was wondering, if it happened in Canada, he would only get probation or 3 months .

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  3. Thank you for sharing… It is horrible. There are so many injustices that take place. I believe that NFL players and other high paid athletes should lose their eligibility to play if found guilty of any illegal activities. Children look up to these athletes and I believe that they should be held to the highest standards.

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    • Amen! We continue to fight for the freedom of all these girls, boys men and women. Whenever I can, I call, write, email, my congressmen, senators..to make sur we are doing all we can in my state to abolish slavery and punish those responsible for enslaving others.


      • Amen.. That is awesome that you do that. Too many people get away with things because of social status or fame, including politicians, actors, athletes, etc. and something needs to be done. Thanks for sharing. this information.


  4. Reblogged this on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel and commented:
    There are so many injustices in this world. I believe that there should be a higher level of accountability for all of these athletes because children look up to them as role models. These high-paid athletes in all sports are on commercials and video games that children look up to and I really feel that they should lose their eligibility to play if found guilty of any charges… including these and dog fighting, etc. Many professionals are held to a higher standard of behavior… why not pro athletes?


  5. This is completing horrific…especially considering NFL players are revered by their fans and viewed as role models for children (probably, around the same age as the young girl, he raped).

    It is rape. She was unwilling and clearly underage. It should have been tried as a rape case. She is more than a call girl. She is a human being and enslaved into the profession did not make it her choice to grant him his lustful desires.


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