Past Week

So..the never ending business. LOL.  I had a mom contact me to ask if I would tutor her twin boys.  I wouldn’t have considered it but we need the money and I have been staying home on Wed. nights.  It’s an hour and a half drive one way to church and that means we don’t get home til 10 or later.  That puts Little Cutie to bed waaaay to late so…yeah.  Stephen has been going on his own.  I met with them and the parents last Wed.  They are super hyper.  The parents want me to try to tutor them together for this week and next (it saves them $10 and time) to see how it goes.  Frankly, I’m a bit concerned but we will see.  

Last Sunday we had Thanksgiving w/Stephen’s side of the family.  My sil had a wonderful art project planned which I helped with.  The three great granddaughters hand prints were used to make a wreath and mom (my mother in law’s) fingerprints were the berries.  I’m thinking about doing this next year w/my side of the family.  I got one, my sil (the grandmother of the other two great grands) got one, and mom got one. Mom was doing really well and was so happy.  It was a great time.


The week was busy with tutoring, home school, and karate as usual. Thanks to a friend’s awesome and unbelievable gift of membership to the Chatt Zoo we went on Thursday for a quicker visit.  It was a perfect time to visit as there weren’t many people there and the animals were all out and about.  We got to get up close and personal with the an albino peacock and I got several cool “shots’ of Little Cutie with the jaguars. 

Yesterday we went to see Santa at one of my favorite bakery shops.  We had a good time out and about and ran into Santa’s helper (since we’d just seen Santa) at a Thrift store.  We found a few things for Little Cutie from Santa at the thrift and Goodwill stores.  


Today after church we celebrated Son #2’s bday.  After church he opened presents, we watched a movie then he and our dil left to see our oldest son.  They’ll be gone until Tuesday.  He asked about taking Little Cutie but I didn’t want to make up two full days of school.  Little Cutie made him a polar bear birthday card. 😉  Below:– 2nd photo: Son #2, DIL #2 and Little Cutie.  

We are also doing our book count down to Christmas again this year.  Each night before bedtime,Little Cutie opens a book and we read it.  The last one will be Christmas Eve. 😉 


21 thoughts on “Past Week

  1. Those are great photos of ‘Mom’ and her family. I love the pics of LC at the zoo — she really seems to enjoy the animals (my fave in this group is the red panda)! And I think Santa needs a copy of the two shots with LC!

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    • Thank you. I’ve been reading to her since she was a little thing. I’m glad she’s loving books too. This is our 2nd year doing the I was able to start buying books at the used book store many months ago and stashing them away. 😉


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