Back into the swing of things….

We are totally back into the swing of things with home school, tutoring (though a couple of my students have been sick these first couple of weeks back.  

Sunday, I have to go to South Ga with a couple of friends.  One is my Sensei’s wife and she has a baby shower (her dil’s) to attend.  My Sensei won’t go (not sure why) and she doesn’t want to go alone or drive so..another friend and I volunteered.  Makes for a long day but….

Little Cutie is already upset by the fact that she and her parents are going to Son #1’s home for a late Christmas presents exchange.  Personally, I think Son #1 is being a pain in making them come.  He wasn’t happy they stayed here this year, but such is life.  I’m holding them to the deal of rotating. 😉 I’m also thinking they are going to find it difficult to travel with two children.  We shall see.  Anyway, though I’ve explained to LC that they won’t leave til after 7 at night and will return about the same time I do on Sunday, she is still sad because she wont’ be with me. She’s a mess.

I take my 7th grader for an extra half hour every other week so our first week back, I had him make a gingerbread train with Little Cutie….it was adorable and we all had fun.  They ate as much as they decorated, I think. LOL

Back to the grind leaves me with little time to myself and I’m on mission to find a way to add a room/space so we will have room for the baby.  Prayers appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things….

  1. Can the baby stay in mom/dad’s room for the first few weeks, and then share a room with LC after that? The trip to South Georgia sounds like a long day, but perhaps a good day away from the normal fray?

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    • Yes, he or she will stay with mom or dad for a few weeks but then will have to have his/her own room. Little Cutie’s room isn’t quite big enough for all the baby items needed, crib and at least a dresser..just no room. Plus, I don’t think it’s safe to have a baby in her room. While I don’t think she’d intentionally harm the baby, I think her helping when we aren’t around would be dangerous. So….yeah.
      It will be a long day. The only reason I’m doing it is b/c she’s a friend and needed us to go with us so I’m going to be tired for sure but I’ll enjoy the company..there will be laughs for sure. 😉


  2. Prayers, for sure!
    Busy with good things, is good! And I’m so glad! 🙂
    Ha! When we make gingerbread houses, etc., every Christmas we eat at least as much candy as we put on the houses, etc.! 😉 I thought that was just a part of it! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I hope the trip was fun and not too exhausting! I’m sure there will be a solution to the space problem… and as far as traveling goes – it is never easy with little ones but they grow up fast and it will be fine…

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    • It was fun..and not too tiring. I get carsick sometimes so the first hour or so was miserable for me but then it was all good from there. We talked, shared stories, etc..always a good thing. She was very appreciative (as was her son/dil) that we brought her down.
      Yes, traveling with my three when they were little was always challenging but we managed. I am just not sure my DIL with her issues can handle it but she may surprise me. We shall see. Can’t dwell on it for sure. 🙂


  4. Prayers are sent Elizabeth and where there is a will there is always a way.. So know it will all come together when needed..
    And I feel for LC, such an emotional roller coaster ride… Thank goodness for your stability in her life..
    And glad the tutoring is going well.. Hope the Drive to the baby shower went well.. I am well late here again my friend…
    We spent alot of time last week digging the allotment and muck spreading lol..
    Sending LOVE and Huge hugs your way and Thank YOU for taking time out to visit me my lovley friend… I really appreciate your time as I know how precious it is to you..
    Love your way ❤ ❤

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