A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I got the results for the AS Awareness Poster Contest Winners.  They are below.  Little Cute won first place ($30 visa card) in children’s category.

Stephen’s surgery was postponed because his blood sugar was too high.  We were big time disappointed.  But that needs to be under control and hopefully showed him how important it is. Hoping it’ll be rescheduled in a couple of weeks. 

I got my hair touched up…same colors just touched up so no photos. But I love it. 

Due to Stephen mentioning it, Little Cutie’s parents gave me a teacher appreciation gift.  Stephen always made sure the boys celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week when I was home schooling them.  Gift card to Ulta and some yogurt covered pretzels..which I love. 

I’m not sleeping well and am exhausted.  I’m also continually having an issue with sinuses and coughing due to weather changes.  It’s crazy. 

Summer schedule for tutoring is about done. I’m happy with it and have several new students.  Hopefully, it’ll work out.  Stephen’s birthday is next week so I’m taking him to see a movie (which we rarely get to do) and out to eat.  As a gift, I’m putting back money for him to spend at a concert the “boys” are taking him to in August (a Christmas gift from the all).  If he doesn’t have the surgery fairly soon, he won’t be able to go.  We’re already going to have to reschedule our trip…again. Sigh

Little Cutie and Stephen have camped out a couple of times.  They had fun.  I had an issue with LC’s mom and her not working out my Sat. off.  She was accusatory and (what we call in the South) ugly in her messages, so I just stopped texting and I haven’t really spoken to her since. I refuse to take Tbear this week to give them a break.  They truly don’t need one but need to step up and parent. Just saying. 

I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve left out, but to be honest, I’m just exhausted.  I need a for real rest and decent sleep.  I’m hoping the pain level will ease off and I’ll be able to sleep better.  I also think I’ve caught up with all of you.  Later gators. 


25 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  1. You do sound busy! I’m sorory to hear about Stephen’s surgery being postponed again — and hope it can be rescheduled soon! I’m glad you have a good schedule of tutoring this summer — the income will help, and hopefully the students will be good ones! The Teacher Appreciation Day gifts sound great! Happy Memorial Day!

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    • Yes and I didn’t blog about most of it lol. Most of my ‘kids’ are the same ones I’ve been tutoring. They are really great as are their parents. Thus far, the three new ones (the parents) have worked with me and have been on a waiting list for a bit. I think they’ll end up being good. If not, I don’t have to keep them past summer. I’ve been blessed (and I thank God) that I’ve gotten good students/parents. The last few inquiring have been from teacher recommendations so that makes me happy. Hugs.

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      • Those teacher recommendations are great — a boost to know that you’re helping the students and their teachers, and a boost to the parents to know that their kids have a great tutor! Congratulations on that! ❤

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  2. awesome posters E, well done! Sorry about the surgery delay but so glad you got a gift. You need to make sure you get that decent sleep before you collapse … once that happens you’ll be no use to anybody 😦

    Love prayers and hugs

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  3. Holding you in prayer. I don’t get the camp out thing, lol, but if they have fun, good memories for them. The posters look great! A lot of effort went into them. I hope you get a few minuted to breathe.

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  4. Hehe! I love the posters and that LC won!! I hope her parents (especially mom) realizes that they are actually supposed to be the main caretakers not you! Either way I know that LC and TBear are surrounded by your love. I do hope Stephen can get his blood sugar under control so that he can get that surgery done AND be healed enough to attend the concert!!! I’ll be saying prayers for everyone (you and Stephen especially). I hope the summer tutoring goes well! ❤

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    • She’s pretty artistic and if she takes her time, she does really well. Plus, she lives with two people (myself and her dad) who have AS. I don’t think her parents realize the main caregiver part yet but….they are headed that way. If Tbear calls me ‘mama’ anymore in front of his mother, she should ‘get it’. Hopefully, with her job changes, she’ll be home earlier and some Saturdays so that will be very helpful. We are working hard on the blood sugar…We need him to have to surgery and be healed. I greatly appreciate your prayers. ❤


  5. Dear Elizabeth.. Just catching up with you after my own Long long absence from travelling around the blog sphere, but hopefully I can now keep in touch more with you my friend..
    Sorry to hear about Stephens cancelled surgery.. and it seems like you never stop… No wonder you are over tired etc.. LC growing so very fast and love the posters..
    Sending mega hugs your way and remember to take care of you.. ❤ Hugs Sue x

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  6. I’m a little late to the game here, but hope things are going better and Stephen can get his surgery soon and you two can take your trip. Good for you standing up to LC’s mom. If you don’t, these kids will walk all over you. Hope you’re feeling better and getting more rest too. Hugs.

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