Outside and Purple Belt

Little Cutie tested and earned her purple belt.  This is the second belt in the Intermediate level.  Really proud of her.  In the last photo, she is with our hearing impaired student.  Her mom takes and is totally deaf.  I know some sign language from a previous church having a deaf ministry….enough to communicate. 😉   However, I’m hoping to learn more…especially understanding it. 🙂

I got some pretty good photos of the lunar eclipse a few weeks back,  considering they are taken with my point and shoot camera Stephen got me for Christmas. 

I try to keep the birds fed. Photos are taken from inside (from the school/tutoring room). Got a few good shots of the Dogwood and the flowers. 

I also go a decent shot of Jupiter and Mars Conjunction.  😉 I stood at the end of our driveway, in awe of Father God’s handiwork.  I mean, I’m standing on the only inhabitable planet, looking up and seeing three more planets…Jupiter and Mars and (no photo) but Venus was off to the left, lower down. Amazing to me. 

Trying to get caught up for summer students.  All my students stayed for summer except one and his sister takes two hours to save a place for him for fall. My student taking every other Monday (due to my Black Belt Class) is taking twice a week and I’ll lower one of my upcoming 7th graders to one hour (instead of two he’s been doing) when he returns from his dad’s.  I also have three new students getting a free evaluation this week, then they start next week.  So yeah, busy, busy.  Later, y’all.

30 thoughts on “Outside and Purple Belt

    • Summer is always super busy…a bit overwhelming, but we need the money and I’m use to most of the kids so I can plan for them easily. A bit concerned about one of the new ones b/c apparently he’s way far behind. It’s all good though. I hope Stephen’s surgery gets rescheduled somewhere in there. 😉 LC has worked hard for this belt but I’ll probably have her in it a bit longer to get really grounded b/4 moving up again. Hugs.

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  1. Great photos – especially of the night sky! (those are tough to do even with a really expensive camera) Congrats on LC getting her purple belt! It is always good when hard work is recognized! I’m still praying that Stephen’s blood sugar gets under control and the surgery is able to happen… Take care of you and have a grand summer!

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    • Thank you. I just totally enjoyed seeing these events. LC has worked hard. I keep having to remind myself that she’s only 8. Thank you for the prayers. He’s working hard keeping his sugar levels down and has done really well. HUGS>


  2. Purple belt in waiting for the black belt like her grandma ! Bravo LC.
    Elizabeth , you have a lot of diversified photos going fom eclipse to birds and flowers . Nature is grandiose and wonderful
    Love ❤

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    • Thank you. Stephen is working hard at keeping his blood sugar levels down and has done really well. I’m proud of him. I think this last doctor made him understand how important it is. He had a good birthday. I took him to see Top Gun Maverick (great movie) and out to eat. It was great just being the two of us. I’m okay..really exhausted but….trying to find more ways to rest. Hope you are okay and doing well. Let me know. HUGS.

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      • always well thanks Elizabeth, our weather has been extreme and lousy for nine months now but finally the sun has poked through off and on over the past week! We had almost forgotten what a joy it is 🙂

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    • He’s been really good to us. Me too, I hope to go out with Stephen even if that means just riding in the car or going ot thrift stores..Just us two out together. at least as much as possible. These events made me happy to see. My weather app. keeps me updated. LOL.

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