Hair, Rain, Rest (for two days), Baths and Silliness (all wrapped up in one post) ;-)

I added more color in my hair at the end of July.  The green will fade fairly fast (which is okay) but we are working up to a fallish color with colors through out but not all the way down the hair shaft. 😉  I love it. Next time, we’ll just spruce it up. Little Cutie got hers trimmed up and styled.  She is spoiled there as Melissa lets her sit under the dryer  and gives her a blanket to keep warm (the salon is perfect for me but cold to LC).  She gets a sucker too.  She just curls up and relaxes. 😉 

This has been the worst summer (financially) for me with tutoring.  As, I mentioned before, I think people are just excited about being out with grandparents, vacations, camps, etc.  But I have been able to get the kids bathed earlier on some days and I’m loving that.  Also, we have had friends help us out.  I have a friend who picks me up for karate (b/c it’s ultra hot and we have no AC in our car).  We learned today that it would cost 700 dollars to fix the car up so we are driving it as is. Sigh.  Also friends came and helped us with our yard yesterday b/c we’ve put about $300 into the mower and it still won’t start.  We have a couple of new things to try.  Below you see Tbear with a spaghetti face.  I totally undress him when we have spaghetti. LOL.  Hence the happiness of bathing early. 

I’ve enjoyed having a tad more free time with the kids but still have been very busy.  Stephen and I got to go off for a couple of days for our anniversary (39th).  This, too, thanks to friends giving us a gift.  I didn’t realize how stressed I was or how much I needed to be away until we were actually there.  We just hung out a lot, got to go eat out a couple of times and just enjoyed sitting on the porch listening to the rain.  I did tease Stephen b/c he looked at our ticket after eating out and said: They didn’t even ask and gave me a Senior Citizen Discount.  Me: Did they give me one?  Him: No. Me: 🙂 ❤  He and I laughed the longest about it as he’s only 6 months older than me.  It was too funny.  And, we were grateful for the discount. 😉


34 thoughts on “Hair, Rain, Rest (for two days), Baths and Silliness (all wrapped up in one post) ;-)

  1. Beautiful, Elizabeth, you have “rainbow” hair. LC is a cute blonde. And Thear is orange!
    I liked the story of the restaurant ticket with the discount for Stephen! And it is good to have friends ! having friends is sometimes precious .
    Pictures of rain make me want to. I would so love to have this for my poor garden which is turning into a desert!!
    Love ❤

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  2. I’m glad you were able to get away for a mini vacation! The senior discount made me laugh! Sparky will ask for it if they don’t offer it! Hehe! Love the photo of TBear making faces! He is a real doll! LC is looking so grownup! Did I see missing front teeth?? I hated losing my front teeth in the summer – it made eating corn on the cob nearly impossible!!

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    • Yes, believe it or not, her mom’s front teeth never came in. Her mom had false teeth there now. LC’s nor Tbear have front teeth either. Amazingly, the only difficulty is eating meat. Otherwise no issues not even with speaking. 😊


  3. Love your wonderful hair Elizabeth…. And love the Spaghetti face 🙂 Great photos and so pleased you both got to get some quality ME time with Stephen for your Anniversary… Congratulations on your 39th…… ❤
    Loved the Senior discount story and also good to know you have such good friends that surround you…
    Lets hope your tutoring will pick up soon… But on the brighter side I am happy it gave you a little more time to enjoy your family…. Even though I know you never stop and are working 24/7
    Lots of Hugs my friend….
    ❤ love Sue x

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  4. Oh, gosh and golly! YAY for colorful hair 🧡💜💚❤️ , good friends 👭👭🏻 , the gift of rain ☔ , needed rests 😴 , fun baths 🛀 , yummy spaghetti 🍝 , and silliness 🤪 !!! 🙂
    HA, on the senior discounts…and YAY! Every little bit helps! 🙂
    (((HUGS))), 🙏and ❤️ !!! 🙂

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    • It was so funny to us, that they automatically gave it to him and not me. But it was nice to get a discount. We needed the time off together. Raising kids at our age is super hard..we’re grateful but still it’s tiring. We hope to get out again if only for a few hours..just us. 😉


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