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My lover/husband says I have a wild spirit like a mustang. He means, I live life only according to Father God's expectations, not humans. I live life out loud and threw away 'the box' a long time ago. Authenticity is extremely important to me I'm an artist---mostly in mixed media and altered items. I love horses, mystery books and adventure. I use to be a teacher and use to write original lessons for teens (which I taught along with my husband each week). Life has been difficult so there has been many changes lately I suffer from RA, a crooked back and an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. In February 2012, with God's help,a few adjustments and my Sensei's patience, I achieved my long time goal of getting my black belt. In 2013, I earned my 2nd dan. I am lead Sensei at a local dojo and totally enjoy it. Feel free to leave me a comment.

A lot of stuff…

I spent the last week of August and first of Sept. with my parents.  Little Cutie went too as she couldn’t stand me being gone. Bo (buck) was injured so we had to doctor him.  Unfortunately, he passed away last week so we’re all sad.  Little Cutie had a blast and was spoiled rotten.  She’ll probably never want to go again without me. We took pics with Stephen before he left.  Both my older brother and younger sister visited.  My brother let LC ‘help’ cut the grass.  Another lady, who I’m close to and is a friend of my mom’s visited as well.  She brought LC a gift bag.  My mama and daddy celebrated their 63rd anniversary. Little Cutie slept mostly on a twin air mattress but slept with me a couple of nights…holding my hand.  She got to take baths in the jacuzzi so she loved that. 

My sister and me when we we both little.

Little Cutie with Bo

I leave Stephen a note/card to open each day I’m gone. He leaves me notes all over to find 😉

We started school the day after Labor Day (as the public school in our county does).  She’s loving fourth grade but as an 8 year old is having to work even harder this year.  We started out with Charlotte’s Web and dictionary work.  We’ve reviewed a lot now and are getting into new things with math, reading, language, etc. We’ve had one field day and will have another soon.  Stephen is taking a hour (or more) once a month to do thinking skills with LC. I love that. 

I got my hair ‘refreshed” and LC got some tinsel in her hair. …about 3 weeks ago.


  Tbear is growing fast and is definitely filled with the red hair personality.  He’s a mess.  He chose going with me over eating pizza today. LOL.  He thinks he’s suppose to be with me and Stephen for the most part.  He cracks me up.   

We went to my friend’s house to see baby pigs and eat supper.  We had a blast.  LC got to ride on the lawn mower and drive the tractor.  She loved it.  More going on but little time for pictures these days.  I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory infection and didn’t tutor one day.  Tutoring is good with so much going on there but thus far, good stuff.  My kids seem to enjoy coming and miss when they aren’t there.  My parents work extra hard to get their kids to tutoring and work with me on changes.  I’m thankful to Father God.  Hope all is good with y’all. I’ll get around to catching up this week, I hope. 

Train Depot and Little Cutie Day

We took the kids to Thomas the Tank Engine Day at the Train Depot.  They got to meet a lot of interesting people including a “conductor”, learn a lot about (well LC did) history of trains in our area, play with trains, ride a ‘train’, and more.  It was a great time.  Don’t worry.  The skirt I had on came from Walmart’s girl’s department and has built in shorts. 

Little Cutie then had Little Cutie Day.  We took her swimming at my sister in laws…the first and only time we got to swim all summer and to the Tellus Science Museum.  She also had one her favorite lunches…hotdogs. 

This is a favorite picture of her because she says it looks like we are the same person. 🙂

Yes, Stephen still needs a wheelchair for long walking. Sigh.

Yes, Stephen still has to use a wheelchair for long walks..Sigh. But he’s doing so much better.

Favorite picture of Little Cutie's because she says it makes us look like one person.

Hair, Rain, Rest (for two days), Baths and Silliness (all wrapped up in one post) ;-)

I added more color in my hair at the end of July.  The green will fade fairly fast (which is okay) but we are working up to a fallish color with colors through out but not all the way down the hair shaft. 😉  I love it. Next time, we’ll just spruce it up. Little Cutie got hers trimmed up and styled.  She is spoiled there as Melissa lets her sit under the dryer  and gives her a blanket to keep warm (the salon is perfect for me but cold to LC).  She gets a sucker too.  She just curls up and relaxes. 😉 

This has been the worst summer (financially) for me with tutoring.  As, I mentioned before, I think people are just excited about being out with grandparents, vacations, camps, etc.  But I have been able to get the kids bathed earlier on some days and I’m loving that.  Also, we have had friends help us out.  I have a friend who picks me up for karate (b/c it’s ultra hot and we have no AC in our car).  We learned today that it would cost 700 dollars to fix the car up so we are driving it as is. Sigh.  Also friends came and helped us with our yard yesterday b/c we’ve put about $300 into the mower and it still won’t start.  We have a couple of new things to try.  Below you see Tbear with a spaghetti face.  I totally undress him when we have spaghetti. LOL.  Hence the happiness of bathing early. 

I’ve enjoyed having a tad more free time with the kids but still have been very busy.  Stephen and I got to go off for a couple of days for our anniversary (39th).  This, too, thanks to friends giving us a gift.  I didn’t realize how stressed I was or how much I needed to be away until we were actually there.  We just hung out a lot, got to go eat out a couple of times and just enjoyed sitting on the porch listening to the rain.  I did tease Stephen b/c he looked at our ticket after eating out and said: They didn’t even ask and gave me a Senior Citizen Discount.  Me: Did they give me one?  Him: No. Me: 🙂 ❤  He and I laughed the longest about it as he’s only 6 months older than me.  It was too funny.  And, we were grateful for the discount. 😉


Fireworks and Sky

Our neighbor shot off fireworks on the 4th.  Little Cutie and I enjoyed the show.  Tbear was scared inside b/c of the noise.  It was a pretty impressive show and since we don’t go out any longer to see the shows (too hot and too much pain waiting for the show to start), it was a good time for both of us. 

Can’t remember…

To be honest, I can’t remember all that’s happened since my last update.  It’s been a financially difficult summer with so many kids heading off to camps/vaca/grandparents so tutoring has not been as financially rewarding as in the past. 

The AC in our car doesn’t work so we are supposedly on a list to get it looked at. It’s been in the 90’s with a heat index way in the 100’s.  A friend has been coming out of her way to pick me and Little Cutie up for karate. I’m really grateful.  I’ve been helping her with katas, etc so she can test for 4th dan Black Belt soon. 

I have had movie night with Little Cutie where we watched a movie we recorded.  Stephen and I took her to the theater once as well.   Little Cutie had a friend over  for a day visit where they helped me make cookies, I painted their nails and they played for hours. Later, she came for an overnight visit.  T is deaf and wears cochlear implants.  She taught me a few new signs. LOL Some are her own personal signs so…yeah.  They had a blast, chalked up our driveway, and T started calling me “Gigi” too. 

Tbear turned two and is yakking away. LOL

Friends came and replaced our toilet and a couple of faucets as well as gave us money to go on an anniversary weekend (#39 coming up in a couple of weeks).  We are excited about time alone. 

Movie night pics.

We go outside some but never stay overly long b/c of the heat.  We don’t have central air either so we have AC window units in some rooms.  We are never overly cool anyway.  The kids sometimes get ultra dirty but that’s part of the fun. 😉 

Really, I think that’s the main things going on.  I did get great photos (point and shoot camera) of the super moon but haven’t had a chance to put them on my computer yet. 😉 

I will finish catching up with y’all later this weekend, hopefully. 😉