After my last post, I spent a lot of time talking to God.  At an odd moment, I felt Him telling me I needed to forgive Stephen and the boys.  I was a bit taken aback because I haven’t been at fault lately.  However, I did it.  I can’t say everything is perfect but I, personally, feel much better.  #3 Son is being respectful and back to his old teasing self.  #2 Son and DIL continue to be helpful.  Stephen goes to the ‘sleep Dr. tomorrow to get the results of his “sleep test” and breathing tests.

I got to spend Father’s Day with daddy.  Well, Stephen and I both did.  It was a quick trip just like Mother’s Day was but we enjoyed it.  We fixed lunch for him, had him open his present and just enjoyed time with them both.  The boys got Stephen an air fryer/insta pot combo.  We’ve only used it once but hopefully we will get much more use of it soon. Even though these aren’t great pics of me and daddy, I love them b/c it shows our relationship.  Daddy is aggravating me and trying to ‘hide’ behind me. LOL. He didn’t want to be seen dressed like he was but I won’t show these where anyone he knows can see him. 😉  

Little Cutie and I had a movie night (Charlie Brown) and popcorn.  It was fun.  Tbear cried b/c I was paying more attention to LC and she was between up.  I moved him on one side and her on the other and he was happy. LOL. 


Stephen and I actually had a date night and went to see F9.  We enjoyed it and I love movie popcorn. 

Stephen’s sister and husband have a swimming pool.  They live about an hour away but offer us the pool anytime we can go.  We took both kids a few weeks ago and LC by herself today.  We like it better when she’s by herself as Tbear requires a LOT of attention.  My sil had a baby float for her grandchild and Tbear loves the water 

Tbear sleeps on me most nights (still working on that extra room).  There are a few moments I can lay him beside me but it never lasts long.Even then, he throws his legs and then his arm too over me.  Little Cutie also sleeps in our bed b/c her room is so hot.  Stephen still needs to put in her AC but I told her parents I usually sit in there to make sure she cleans it up (and she has to clean her room b/4 he can put it in) but I’m not doing it this  They will do it this week and weekend (I hope). Little Cutie throws her leg and her arms over my legs. 😉 Then, of course, there is Justice up against me on the other side.   I don’t sleep much due to pain anyway. I doze, wake, reposition him (or myself), doze, wake, reposition, etc.  

Tutoring continues to keep me busy and I’m grateful for that. I am exhausted though. Life. 

I’m alive :-)

First, Let me say thank you to the ones who emailed me to check up on me.  I will try to quickly update the main things.  I think Mom’s (mother in law) death was such a shock.  It just set us back a bit.  I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed since April began. 

Mother’s Day:  I got to spend Mother’s Day with my mama.  We arrived on Sat. about midnight and spent most of Sunday with Mama We took them to church.  The ladies there made flowers for each lady to wear.  They thought LC might be with me so they made her one too.  I found it sweet.  It was great but so busy and tiring.  We plan to do the same with my daddy for Father’s Day this upcoming weekend. Our middle son and dil made Mother’s Day special for me when I returned.  The other two..not so much. Life.  The bottom line is I don’t think they even know why they are treating me like this.  Son #2 says they both forgot all I did before Stephen got e and and ABI.  They certainly have forgotten all I’ve done since. I’m learning to let go and not feel guilty about how I feel or not “doing” for them. Middle son and dil have ‘stepped it up” and are doing so much better…helping, trying to do what is needed and being supportive.  I greatly appreciate it.  Doesn’t my mama look great for being 83? She’s getting along much better.  Daddy isn’t doing so great and is worrying us. I’ll know more after I see him this Sunday. 


Trip: I worked hard and saved money for a short trip to the beach with Little Cutie (her Spring Break trip).  We went during the 2nd week of May.  We had fun and while I was sick the first day (probably from the stings of jellyfish) we enjoyed our stay and even got to visit the 4H center and see lots of cool animals.  LC is easy to take on a trip because she wants to go to the pool and ocean.  We don’t have to spend money to do all the extras.  She’s happy, like us, to eat a sandwich or leftovers in the room, picnic, etc. We stay out from the beach so it’s cheaper.  We saw loads of animals and sea life. We took a longer way home b/c LC wanted to see a real alligator in the wild.  We prayed and God answered.  It was very cool.  We also saw the lighthouse at night and LC loved that as well. 

Stephen’s Birthday: Stephen’s birthday was Memorial Day so we took a short motorcycle ride and ate out.  The following weekend, I took him overnight (what he wanted) to a nearby place.  We didn’t have kids, pets, anything or anyone to be responsible for.  It was a wonderful, albeit short, time of pure relaxing. The boys (Son #1 and Son #3) arranged a day for Stephen (though I’m the one that had asked for one with them for years..I no longer want one). They went to a shooting range. Stephen enjoyed it but he also took the time to talk to them.  He didn’t really get any answers but, like I said, I don’t think they know why they are acting like they are.  They were both so sweet, understanding and loving until oldest son got married.  Then things changed on a dime.  But, I’m learning I need to take care of me and my emotional health so I’m truly trying to do better with that. 

Little Cutie and the Bike: Little Cutie has wanted to ride the bike, so one day we put my helmet on her and Stephen rode her down our road (a very short and little traveled during the afternoon road).  She loved it. Do y’all like my helmet?  I try to keep it real. LOL

TBear’s first birthdayTbear turned one today.  We celebrated on Sunday with his mom’s family.  Most had not even seen him while ours had so it worked out well. I’ll have more pics later. Below he is wearing a shirt, his dad and uncles wore as well as a pair of shoes (Jordan’s) his dad and uncles wore.  Little Cutie is wearing a shirt her dad and uncles wore. ;-). A friend made it. 

Tutoring: Usually, during the summer, my students stay the same (I might get one new one), one or two will double up.  So I stay busy but not overly so.  This year, one is tripling up, one is doubling up, my twins are staying doubled up and I gained five new students.  I personally customize a plan each week for each student’s sessions.  I spend pretty much all day on Saturdays doing that.  It’s a lot but God has been good to bless me with students and the needed money so I’m very grateful.  But goodness, I’m so darn busy!! I’m currently (slowly) putting back money for a doing some (little) remodeling to the house.  It’s decorated as my MIL had it and is in great need of some repair and work.  I also hope that I can save enough for Stephen and me to go on a fall trip.  We shall see. 

Hair: We added more color including platinum blonde (which is really white LOL) to my blue. 

I’d love to tell you, I’d catch up with all of you, but I doubt that will happen.  I will hopefully be able to keep up with you better now.  I’ve just been so exhausted and overwhelmed, I hurt.  I cry most nights in the shower simply from exhaustion. Tbear sleeps on me each night and LC also sleeps with us. Once we get a new AC in her room, she will go back to sleeping there except on weekends for camp-in’s. If I can get Stephen to get our friend over here to look at the electricity, hopefully he can help with that and we can get  middle Son and DIL’s room done and Tbear can be in his own bed at night. 

Again, thank you to those who reached out and to each of you who have read this far.  Much appreciation. 


Rose, Shirt, and Contest Winners

Mom’s (mother in law’s) rose bush has a bloom.  Just in time for Mother’s Day.

Little Cutie has on a shirt that a friend of mine made for Son #1.  Sons 2 and 3 wore it too.  Love it. 

Contest Winners.  I had to go to two more judges.  Finally got a three for three agreement. 😉  My judges rock!!.  So grateful for them. 

Second Place Adult winner

4th place Adult winner

2nd place ‘Kid” winner

3rd place ‘Kid” winner

4th Place “Kid” winner

First Place “Kid” winner

Second Place Adult winner

First Place Adult winner. She’s being tested for AS but may have a similar disease. We will see.

All the winners