Little Cutie has wanted to go camping for quite a while now. Stephen set the tent/hammock, etc up in the back yard.   I’m not a huge camping fan, though if we’d had a pump to pump up our air mattress I would have stayed all night.  As it were, we came home from karate, changed, went out to cook hotdogs over the fire.  We roasted marshmallows as well. Her mama (crew cut and all) came out for a while and her daddy came out as soon as he got home from work.  I read to Little Cutie, laid w/her a while and then went inside to take a shower while Papa (Stephen) laid down with her.  She made sure she had the quilt I made her but she wasn’t overly happy I wasn’t back out. lol.  She finally drifted off to sleep.  Since the ground is horrible for my AS, I slept inside.  She and Papa were up at the crack of dawn but I slept a little later.  She had a blast.  Hopefully, we can get a pump at some point and I’ll stay out there with her. 






I wanted a bolder look for fall but to stick with the basic colors I had.  So Melissa put bolder, deeper coopery tones and a few blond chunks in.  I love it.  Underneath (you can see it when just pulled back) is a couple of small teal ‘streaks’.  

Little Cutie had to have her hair cut shorter to even it all out.  It looks cute on her and she looks older.  She loves it and so do we. 

I asked her mom to take her (LC) out to play and go ahead and clean out her own car.  This way she can take off the trash that should have been taken off last week and is now piling up. Sigh

Tutoring is going well and soon I’ll choose a Wednesday to go with Stephen so I can get to know people more.  I’ll have to put off or change tutoring for that day. It’s just once a week but we still need that money so we shall see.  Schooling is going well and we have a field trip on Sat. (yes Sat. b/c we are going to a Fall Festival at a ranch about an hours drive away).

After while, crocodile. I’ll check your posts soon, raccoons 😉



The church will announce this Sunday that Stephen is officially hired as a part time youth pastor.  Though it’s not much money (especially since it’s an hour and 15 to an hour and a half drive one way) but it will be good for Stephen mentally, emotionally, etc. We are grateful and truly believe it’s the right place for him/us now.

Stephen is currently at a Men’s Retreat with the church.  He is actually helping lead it.  I miss him but I’m glad he has this opportunity to met and learn about some of the people in the church.  

I’m feeling better though still having pain and some trouble ‘getting up and down especially.  Such is life.  

Little Cutie got a new orange belt on Tuesday in karate. She was so excited lol. Kindergarten is going well and Little Cutie is loving it.  We have a field trip coming up this upcoming week..Saturday instead of Friday.  🙂 


Pain, hair, ride, and fussing ;-0

School has gone well, Tutoring, so far, as gone well.  Waiting to hear from two teachers. Little Cutie is loving school.  However..this happened this past week. 


Yes.  I turned around to put something on my desk while she was cutting out art and turn back around….  I caught her b/4 she cut another huge chunk.  LOL  Thankfully, you can’t tell when you pull her hair back.It also helps that she has curly hair. 😉  However, her scissors remain on my desk now. 😉

Gratefully, Stephen and I got a bike ride in on Friday.  It was awesome to be out. We had a blast. 

Saturday, we took a card for Grandparents Day (that Little Cutie made) as well as her pic that ended up in the local paper (first day of school pics) to Mom (my mother in law).  We had a great visit.  This is the pic that was in the paper. 


Then the pain hit.  I have a very high pain tolerance level due to my daily pain.  We are not sure if it’s a pinched nerve or inflammation in the nerves in my back and legs.  Either way, I could hardly move Sat. night and part of yesterday. I’ve also cried several times.  It has been that bad.   I’ve kept anti inflammatory meds and pain meds in me as well as heating pad on.  I am better today but still in some major pain.  I plan to sit through advanced class tonight as we are sparring.  I wouldn’t go but I’m a ride for a brown belt so…yeah. Plus it’s good to keep moving some or it will make things worse. I’m grateful I can move and get around now. Also grateful my Sensei understands and will put a chair out for me 😉 


Little cutie is doing great in karate and should get her third belt tomorrow.  Love this pic (though she’s suppose to be bowing, not putting her head on mine. LOL).


Son #3 called last night to fuss (and even cuss some) to me b/c he was angry with my daddy.  I finally just told him that Stephen wanted to talk to him.  He later text to apologize. I text back that it hurt my feelings when he did that.  He understood, just said he needed a place to vent b/c he didn’t want to ‘go off’ on my daddy.  I’m grateful I’m a safe place and yet, I seem to be a lot of people’s safe place so…yeah.  He called today to tell me he got a card I sent him and he appreciated it.  Good timing 😉  It was a really good phone call (as most have been lately) so I will focus on that. 😉 

Oh and there’s this bit of news.  My daughter in law (Little Cutie’s mom) got a text (yes a text) from her mom saying she and her dad were separating.  DIL’s dad adopted her many years ago.  She asked could she go over and talk to them. Of course I said yes.  It will be a hard road for all.  This is one of many men in her mom’s life but the one that has stayed the longest (14 years I think) and the one that adopted her and her sisters. Prayers appreciated. 

Sundays and Wednesdays

Stephen has been (for far too long in my humble opinion) ‘interviewing/interning’ at a church that is an hour and 15 minute drive (longer on weekdays) from our house.  God has most definitely answered our every prayer in the affirmative, but I grow tired of the wait. 😉 Anyway, we’ve been going on Sundays since the first of August (taking LC) and Stephen has led the youth on two Wed. nights (tonight will be the 3rd).  We are suppose to meet parents on Sunday and Stephen and I agree that we need an answer then. 😉  They are doing a background check on him now and we feel they will hire him: but the gas money going back and forth is ‘killing us’.  It isn’t much money but it will be good for Stephen mentally and emotionally.  BTW, if you are friends with me on FB we aren’t mentioning any of this yet. 😉 

Son #3 went with him on Sunday and Wed. while I was at my parents.  As I teach AWANA’s karate on Wed. and tutor, I haven’t gone on Wed.  Son #3 came and met us at church on Sunday (it’s about the same length drive for him) and then we went to a nearby park to eat and walk around a bit.  It was a great visit and we hope to do the same more often.

Here’s the photos of the newest bookcase..the one with doors.  Also the rest of the classroom that I missed before 😉 .  Little Cutie is loving Kindergarten. 

School room/school

Finally got the school room finished on Wed.  I don’t think I have a pic of my “new’ bookcase/shelf but I’ll try to get one soon. I’ve been sick with a sore throat, headache, earache, etc.  Hoping it’s just the weather as OTC meds are helping.  I think my body is just tired. 🙂  Spend Thursday/Friday getting ready for this week, doing laundry, etc..Sat was spent working on Little Cutie’s chalkboard.  I wanted to make a ‘school chalkboard’ for her so I used a canvas, chalkboard paint, wood figures, chalk markers, and chalk.  We all love it.  Photos of it w/First day below. Here’s the school room sans the area with the newest bookcase.  LOL Someone told me it looked like a real classroom and I it is a real classroom…just at home. 😉 


Yesterday, after church. we all (Son #3, LC, and Stephen and I) went on to a nearby park and ate lunch, walked around a bit, etc.  It was fun.  Photos of that later. 

First day (yes on Labor Day) went really well and Little Cutie is excited to be in Kindergarten.  I’m proud of how well she did.  Tutoring student was sick so hopefully, that will start back tomorrow as well.




Sometimes, it is good to be with your parents while shopping 😉 

Sometimes you just have to ignore stupid things people protest.  Nabisco could learn this as they have taken the animals out of the cages simply because of PETA’s protest. I wonder how they feel about people biting the animal’s heads off the crackers first?  LOL


Sometimes, you have to make sure your mama visits her ‘baby’. 


Sometimes, you feel better when you hold a Bantam hen. 😉 Sometimes, you feel much better seeing how clean the pen is since you worked so hard to make it so. 😉 

Sometimes, the cat who is normally terrified of you will come and love on you and allow you to love on him. 😉 

Sometimes the sun will shine through the trees.


Sometimes, you are so excited your husband is coming to take you home (after doing a few chores your parents have for him) you can’t sleep 😉   Still sometimes, it’s difficult to say goodbye to your parents and the animals.