Yesterday. Tbear was tumbling on my bed, and rolled on top of my hand, bending my pinky and ring finger back toward the top of my hand. I iced it immediately and put the brace on it but my entire hand and arm is swollen and hurting. I’m hoping and praying it’s just inflamed/strained. However, I’m wearing the brace to hopefully keep it from swelling more and to keep it immobile.

I have not handled things well today. I have karate tonight, tutoring, and an eye appointment tomorrow.

Yesterday was also Stephen’s birthday. I took him out to eat and gave him a gift card. Sat. we head to a motorcycle shop to see if we can find what he wants for the bike. We are still looking for a good urologist too.


We had a little fun on the way home. We took a lot of breaks so we didn’t get home til after 9 p.m. Son #2 helped me unload the car, but I had to do all the unpacking, getting things ready to be washed, etc. My sister told me that when I got home, I’d have to do the hard stuff. No, I do the hard stuff always, Stephen’s last illness just puts me doing harder stuff.

FYI: Stephen is doing well. Though there are still a few lingering issues..basically he’s back to his normal issues. We still need to find a urologist to take care of the abnormality on his bladder.

We stopped a couple of places to get peaches. These are pictures from a really fun farm and on the way home.


Father God gave us several miracles. Stephen was moved to a room (out of CCU) late Thursday. We talked on the phone that night about an hour. He was due two consultations on Friday for abnormalities found.

Yesterday (Friday ) a.m. Cutie and I went to visit. He has some type abnormality on his bladder and will have to see a urologist as soon as possible when we return home. He also has Avascular necrosis (the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply), but no need to deal with thst at the present. They released him yesterday afternoon. We went to pick up meds and food to bring back to the hotel.

Bless his heart, he has multiple bruises from the infusions and iv’s. These are some.

Last evening late we took Cutie to the pool and got some clothes washed. Fortunately, some kids came to play, and she had a blast.

We stayed an extra night (today) to be able to at least go into town and give Stephen a chance to rest. It was rainy and cold ( low 60’s) and lots of wind. But we ate out and went to a bakery where Citie and Stephen got ice cream and I got an Ooey Gooey Bar. We also visited a couple of small shops. We will take our time taking breaks heading back tomorrow. Monday is my melt down day. Just saying

The first pic of Stephen and me has an artsy ink filter. The 2nd one no filter.

Not A Vacation At All

So..we arrived at our destination for our vacation late on Saturday. Stephen was already not feeling well. He did an online Urgent Care visit and had meds called in on Sunday. We went to the beach for a couple of hours. Then Cutie and I headed out at another beach where we got to see dolphins. After this, it went downhill.

Monday, Stephen was worse, so I finally got him to go to Urgent Care. EKG good/heart rate up a little, but they still felt it was an infection from having 5 teeth pulled. Later that night, I tried but failed to get him to go to the ER. On Tuesday, I had to call tranport ambulance to take him to ER. He couldn’t walk to the car.

He was diagnosed with DKA ( Diabetic Ketoacidosis), though it’s rare for someone who has type 2 diabetes like he does to get DKA. He also still had the infection and was dehydrated from vomiting. He was put in Critical Care Unit and Cutie, and I finally back at the hotel about 9pm. I got lost on the way back but rallied lol.

You can Google DKA, but it’s definitely serious and can be life-threatening if not treated quickly and correctly. My visits have to be short bc Cutie can’t go back and has to have an employee sit with her while I visit. Stephen wasn’t even alert enough to register that I was there yesterday.

Today, he’s better, sitting up, eating some, and texting me. He has MRSA, but they aren’t overly concerned bc they said people walk around with it all the time. I had to gown and glove up, but they let me kiss him goodbye.

I’m hoping and praying he’s released tomorrow. I saved all year for this Vaca, so I had reservations early. I’m having to pay double to stay an extra night so he’ll have a day to rest b4 we head home on Sunday.

We stay a ways our from the beach because it’s cheaper. So, no beaches this week, no driving to Jacksonville, FL., no dolphin tour, just hospital and hotel. No vacation. I have taken Cutie to the pool every day except Tues (when we were at the ER pretty much all day) . This has NOT been a vacation at all, and I’m stressed to the max. My plan when we get home and unpacked is to curl up in a fetal position and cry. Yeah, that sums it up.

However, I’m thankful to God for the firemen (first to respond to my call) for understanding, comfort, a quick hug and excellent directions to the ER. I’m thankful for the ER worker who allowed H to go back with me (though she’s too young) the doctors, the CCU nurse who let Cutie stay with her while I visited Stephen on Tuesday night and who walked us all the way back to the ER where wecwent parked, the CCU workers who sit with her during other visits, the nurses who are patient every time I call, friends and family who check on me and Stephen letting me know they’ll help with anything if they can, and that there was my emergency cash that allows us to stay one more night.

Also..grateful for that first day. We saw dolphins way out, which thrilled me. Cutie has been the best. No complaining. Tuesday night, I got sick (nerves and anxiety), so she cried. I asked her why, and it was bc I was sick. I told her I was fine. She’s OK with anyone getting sick except me. She’s been that way since about 2 years of age. She loves me most, but she also thinks I’m the only one who can really take care of her. Lol. I’m not.

Leaving you with pics from the few hours we were out; as well as pics of Cutie in the pool.

Best pic I could get of the dolphins with my phone. Did get a couple of great videos, though.
Waiting in the ER
I did take her twice to get good food.


A couple of my students gave me teacher appreciation gifts. Love it.

Also, I got my hair “refreshed”. I so appreciate my stylist. She rocks.

Lastly, this weekend, we head out on our Homeschool Spring Break trip. We are ready. We are leaving Tbear here as he’s a handful, and it’d be too difficult to deal with him. I am very grateful for saved money so we can take a small break.