I’m so busy these days, I rarely have time to really catch up or write.  Always on the go.  Also, in the evenings and early a.m. trying to get all the Christmas ‘stuff’ out, sans my hand painted Christmas Village since I’ll be gone from Thanksgiving to Dec. 10th helping my mama after surgery, taking care of my dad, and ‘working’ the farm. 

Beautiful scenery on my way to karate the other day. 

Kevin gave me the 2nd place medal he won at the “Walk to Remember”. He runs in memory of Vincent.  He came in 3rd last year and gave me that medal as well. 

Justice.  Still learning, still being house trained, still adorable. 

I have a few little girls who are cooking in AWANA’s while we are teaching karate. They always want to come and pray with us so I, of course, let them.  Now, they love on me and make me ‘treats’.  Love it.


On the way back from AWANA’s last Wed. I get a text, then a call, from Son #3.  He cut the tip of his finger…almost all the way off.  Four stitches. He’s a ‘baby’ (his words) when it comes to pain, shots, etc, so I went to keep him as calm as possible. 


Having fun in tutoring, but it’s a LOT of work and planning.  “My kids’ are improving and that thrills me.   I’ll double up next week (Tues and Wed all day to make up for a week I’ll be gone.  I’ve already made up for one week last Friday.  Still I’ll be gone and that will be 2 weeks no tutoring for them. Here are a few pics of what Little Cutie has done.  They are the only ones on my computer b/c I post most tutoring and LC pre school on fb. We are working on the letter ‘T’ this week.  “E” was last week.


Walk to Remember

We started the day early by heading “over the mountain” to a tournament.  Well, I went on in to the tournament and Stephen went birthday shopping for me. My birthday is about 2 and a half weeks away.  As a school, we did well with almost all placing first and seconds in various categories.  Then Stephen and I rushed back home b/c I had to help set up for the walk.  We saw beautiful scenery on the way home.

I had to pretty much leave as soon as we got home.  Our karate schools had a coloring booth in memory of our grandson who was born without a heartbeat.  It was good and emotionally difficult at the same time.  Our dil was told she (and our son) were the inspiration for this event (last year was the first one and now it will be an annual event).  It’s a time to remember those who ‘lost’ children/grandchildren, etc as miscarriages, still births, not long after birth, etc. This year’s shirt had our grandson’s name on it and my Sensei’s got me a shirt. It’s a bit too bit so I’m going to give it to our son.  The first shirt is our karate shirt and the second is the event shirt.

The booth was a success and Little Cutie had fun at the various booths.  All ‘free’ booths gave out some sort of fun thing, candy, little toys, etc.  The poster behind Logan and me is the one we made and will probably use again next year.  Kevin (with a medal and the number 10 on) ran and came in 2nd place.  He will give the medal to me (in class as was my suggestion) in memory of Vincent since he ran in memory of him.  He did the same thing last year with a 3rd place medal. We also made ornaments to hang and I got to keep the one for Vincent.  A great group turned out from our karate schools and I was thrilled and grateful. 

By the time we got home and ate supper, I had to go get ‘plans’ ready for tutoring this week as I’m tutoring everyone twice.  I had to finish last night and I’m worn out.  However, the plan is to start getting Christmas stuff out so that i can enjoy them b/4 I have to go to my parent’s house. 


I try to drop by your sites as often as possible though my comments may be shorter.  I have found I don’t have much, if any, down time lately.  I try to post comments using my phone when I can. 

I tutor Monday-Thursday and go straight to karate putting my eating supper anywhere from 8 P.M to 9 P.M.  I teach Little Cutie every a.m. and try to catch up with laundry, cleaning, planning tutoring, taking care of Justice, etc in between.  I will be tutoring all day this upcoming Friday 9 a.m. til 5:00 since there’s no school and to make up for one of the week’s I’ll be helping my mama after her surgery.  I will be tutoring two days in a row (all day again both days) the week of Thanksgiving.  One day will be regular tutoring and the other making up ahead of time. sigh. 

Tonight, my Sensei and his wife. are taking us out to eat.  I think to ‘make up” for the other crap. Tomorrow is the ‘Walk to Remember’ for those who ‘lost’ babies.  Our karate schools will have a booth which I will help ‘man’.  It’s in memory of our grandson who was stillborn. 

Next Sunday, we’ll have an early Thanksgiving w/Stephen’s side of the family.   The following weekend and week is full..then my mom’s surgery.  I’m tired, y’all.  Like bone weary tired.  

Yesterday, Little Cutie and I did fingerprint insects for the letter I. She also colored a turkey with colored chalk–which she loved. The last photo is our pine cone painting.  We put construction paper in a box, dropped paint on top, threw in two pine cones and shook the box.  It was fun and turned out well. 

Proud (and more)

I’ve been at my parents house s, ince Thursday afternoon.  We arrived, rushed out and fed, then came in and changed and headed to the awards ceremony.  My daddy was honored for his service to ministry.  I was grateful two out of three of our sons and one dil could attend.  My sister, her husband, brother, his wife, and my dad’s oldest brother and wife were also able to attend.  Many of daddy’s former church members were there as well. It was a well deserved award and we are all proud of my dad. 

Here are a few photos.  They gave my mama flowers and had a reception afterwards. 

Family Photo  That’s son #3 in back w/his eyes closed..somewhere there’s one with his eyes open 😉 His wife is in front of him.  My sister and her husband are next with us beside them.  Son #3 and my brother and his wife are last.  My parents, of course, are sitting. 


On a different note, y’all know I’m tutoring and then heading straight to karate Mon-Thursdays.  Well, someone apparently anonymously called my Sensei to complain b/c we sometimes start class at 5:10 b/c there’s no one there at 5 to open the door.  They said they’d sometimes waited til after 5 and left. I told him not true b/c I’m always there either by 5:55 or earlier.  He said it could have been when I was gone.  Anyway, he didn’t want trouble so now I may have to send Stephen over early to open up.  Listen y’all. We charge $20 per child per month or $10 per adult per month.  An entire family of 5 can take for $40 per month.  I don’t care where you live–that is impossible elsewhere.  I don’t care if it is only for a 45 minute class twice a week..that’s a deal.  Regardless, I didn’t argue b/c he made the point that even though his wife is higher ranked than me (she’s 4th dan, I’m 3rd), I am in charge of/lead instructor at the school and she’s there to help me so it’s my responsibility.  It just galls me that someone would be that petty.  But…I am responsible for my actions/reactions so I will do my best to rush myself over or have Stephen go in order to be able to start class by 5.  I’m praying that Abba convicts whomever the person was that called. 😉 

Post (mostly in) Photos

Tutoring is going well but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the two new students.  Still..I (we) need the money so…Yesterday, I had one new student for the 2nd time.  We played language games, read, played a multiplication game, etc.  I have the other new student for the first time tomorrow.  My other 5th grader comes today.  Here’s Monday’s and yesterday’s  tutoring in photos. 

A few preschool photos as well. 


Our karate banquet was on Sat. Since last year, it wasn’t done as I’d been told it was, I didn’t get the same treatment as most when they receive a black belt.  I don’t think it was intentionally. It just wasn’t thought through.  So this year, I got my certificate there (which normally the certificate part isn’t made a big deal).  I got to speak as did Stephen and Son #3.  Sons # and #1 didn’t come.  I was disappointed but not surprised..always a reason.  Stephen and Son #3 made me cry they were so sweet.  My dil and Little Cutie were also there. 😉

Anyway, it was a good time and I was grateful they did it that way.  We also gave out awards and that is always a fun time.  I love seeing the faces of people who get an award.