Rose, Shirt, and Contest Winners

Mom’s (mother in law’s) rose bush has a bloom.  Just in time for Mother’s Day.

Little Cutie has on a shirt that a friend of mine made for Son #1.  Sons 2 and 3 wore it too.  Love it. 

Contest Winners.  I had to go to two more judges.  Finally got a three for three agreement. 😉  My judges rock!!.  So grateful for them. 

Second Place Adult winner

4th place Adult winner

2nd place ‘Kid” winner

3rd place ‘Kid” winner

4th Place “Kid” winner

First Place “Kid” winner

Second Place Adult winner

First Place Adult winner. She’s being tested for AS but may have a similar disease. We will see.

All the winners


The Month of April

So things have been as busy as always since Mom’s passing (my mother in law).  Stephen and the rest of us are doing as well as can be expected. 

We were at ‘the farm’ on Easter when we found out that night, Mom was in the hospital. We left earlier than planned the next day when we found out how bad she really was.   Little Cutie was with us and had a blast. We were able to take my parents to church and they were so happy about that. They enjoyed having LC there too. The goats LOVE her too. 😉  My parents enjoy Justice so we always take him with us. 

At the funeral, Little Cutie ‘lost it’ (which led me back into a ‘fit of tears’).  She’s been worried about me passing on since.  We let her have “camp-ins” the entire week.  She’s still a bit clingy with me.  Josey loves playing with her. He has no idea how big he is. LOL.  

A friend of mine, took some pics of the kids at the local park. We took a few there too but I’ve not uploaded them all yet.  Both are growing fast and keep me ultra busy  I go all day so I’m hoping to set aside one day in the summer (no tutoring) where I can do crafts, read, etc though I’ve gotten two new kids for summer and two who will add an extra session.  Oh, and Little Cutie tested and earned her 7th gup orange belt.  So very proud of her. 

TBear has been sleeping with/on me for the past month or so.  He sleeps better..I don’t but I wouldn’t trade the time with him.  He won’t remember sleeping on me but he will remember the feeling of love and safety.  He will be a year old in June. 

I’ve managed to save enough money for us to go on a Home School Spring Break trip the middle of May.  We’ll go back to the closest ocean as that’s what LC wants to do.  Since TBear is too small for us to take, his parents will work out ‘off times’ during that week.  I’m working on saving money for Stephen’s birthday (May 31st) now.

April was Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Month. We had our 2nd annual walk followed by a ‘lunch’  on the 17th (had 30 or so join us), our annual blue shirt day on the 24th and the posters for the poster contest were turned in on the 29th.  Waiting for the results from a judge or two.  I’m so very grateful that this year I had enough sponsors for a first thru third place prize for adults and kids  They are worth $30, $20, and $10.  Stephen and I will get a ‘coupon’ or something small for fourth place. 

I’m so tired but also so grateful to God. I’ve been able to save money for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, trips, and of course pay bills. 😉 So no complaints about that. 

Stephen and I are headed for the farm for Mother’s Day.  We hope to do the same on Father’s Day.  We’ll head home late that night but we’ll be able to take them to church and spend the day with them.  It’s important to both of us.

Thank you to all who checked up on us. 

Saying Good-bye to Mom (Mother in Law)

We visited the farm for Easter. Sunday, we got a call that Mom (my mother in law) had fallen and injured herself badly. She’d apparently been ‘there’ several hours before they found her at a shift change at the residential care home where she lived.  The Doctors also thought she had a heart attack and were conversing on how to proceed.  Monday, we learned she’d either fallen and the pain caused her to have a heart attack or she’d had a heart attack and fell causing the injuries. I, personally, believe the first happened as she had a very sound heart.  In the fall, she broke the large bone at the top of her arm, cracked the ball in the shoulder socket and snapped the socket.  Her shoulder was totally dislocated.  We left the farm early and headed home because the only way to fix her injuries was surgery and the doctors didn’t think she’d survive surgery.  She had a DNR so there was no point in surgery. Monday, she coded twice because of the pain.  The decision was made to put her on Comfort Care.  By the time we arrived home, we found out they wouldn’t let us visit.  Stephen’s brother and his wife were turned away at the door.  Our brother in law (Stephen’s sister’s husband) had been with mom.  They told him he had to leave but he refused b/c he knew none of us wanted Mom alone.  

Stephen spent all day Tuesday with mom.  His brother arrived about 5:30 and his sister came when they put mom on Comfort Care.  Stephen got the call on the way home (about 15 minutes after he left) that she’d died.  We are heart broken.  She was 83 and death is inevitable but we didn’t expect this.  The funeral is tomorrow and it will be a difficult day for all.  Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. 

Shout out of thanks to Sweet Carolyn for posting how to get back to the Classic WP.  I’d been using it and then..poof it was gone.


So I’m trying to learn this new way as WP obviously took away the old classic I was using. lol  So here’s pics for part of my update. 

Took the kids to see my parents.  My dad wasn’t up for pics for my mama was.  We all had a good time though it made for a very long day for us. 

I already got my blue hair for April Ankylosis Spondylitis Awareness Month.  More on how that’s going soon.  Little Cutie had to do proper nouns for her language and below is what she wrote for friend. 😉 

I’m sure there’s more but I’m too tired to care.  It’s almost 1:30 a.m. and I’m exhausted.  Hopefully, I’ll catch up with y’all the first part of the this upcoming week.  

Catching Up

Spent the 2nd weekend and full week of Feb. with mama and daddy helping mama.  Spent last weekend with her and took her to the doctor on Monday.  She has some fluid on her heart (a type of congestive heart failure she has causes this) and he ordered her a wheelchair.  She was grateful to have the help.  She continues to do well and I’m grateful.  

The kids are growing fast.  Little Cutie got a couple of boxes from BooBoo (the friend that ‘adopted’ her as a grandchild).  She’s gotten great grades and been really well behaved in home school.  She’s had three camp in’s this past weekend but we’ll forgo those on Sunday nights 😉  She’s tired the next day, of course.  Tbear is enjoying the walker and toys.  He’s going to be a Gigi’s boy.  He literally shakes his body and lunges for me whenever I come into the room. 

Stephen and I got to go on a bike ride yesterday.  We started in the rain.  With the stresses and just funky mood I’ve been in lately, I really needed to just get out and ride.  We had a good time and the temp was nice (in the low 70’s) so we layered up.  Years ago, Stephen got me a body armor riding jacket at a consignment shop for $50.  A wonderful price for steep for us.  It’s needed cleaning but it’s a dry clean only jacket.  Finally, I decided to try washing it on delicate (lining separate and ‘armor’ taken out) and air dry it.  Came out great.  Beautiful ride.


I’ve successfully ‘done surgery’ on two of Little Cutie’s animals. 

My mama had a set of pyrex bowls she’d gotten for a wedding present (my parents married in 1959). She also had a red bowl that she used when she was a teenager (15 years old or so) for her 4H projects which gained her a scholarship.  She’d told me I’d get them when she passed on. I remember her cooking with them.   She decided to go ahead and give them to me now so I could use them.  She also gave me Christmas glasses she’ll never use again and a bowl with a gold rim (not sure how old that one is). I’m tickled to have the bowls and put them in the china cabinet my mil gave me. I will use them but don’t want them out for all to use. 😉 

Also, one of my friends found me a Raggedy Andy doll (I collect Raggedy Ann and Andy’s). Another friend got me a Precious Moments (also something I collect). 

Stephen has a couple of doctor’s appts coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, he’ll get a new sleep study and some answers. I’d like him to have less meds.  We shall see.  I think I’ve caught up with all of you.