It’s been overwhelming and crazy around here. I started back home schooling with Little Cutie.  She’s doing great but is definitely ADHD like me.  So, it’s a challenge some times. She’s only 7 and in the third grade so that adds to the challenge.  But, she loves it.  Below her first day of school and playing pretend with a ‘space center’.  Stephen made the astronaut helmet and tanks for the boys when I was home schooling them.  The boys made the constellation cans and LC made one of her own. 😉  

I decided to take as many Saturdays as possible for me.  Saturday before last, Stephen took the kids up on the mountain for the majority of the day so I just read, watched t.v. and rested til they got back.  Then got the kids bathed and ready for bed. 

This past Sat. DIL’s sister came to watch the kids.  Stephen and I went to the annual ____Hwy yard sales.  We got some fall clothes for Tbear paid 25 cents for two or three and 10 cents for about 8 shirts or pants. We got him a jacket for $2 and a couple of Christmas presents.  We found a few DVD’s for Little Cutie (center time), and I found the rest of the books for her Christmas Count Down. 😉  Most of these were from a ‘free box”.  🙂 

A lot of stress these days.  Son #3 has decided to spend his bday (Wed) at his older brother’s.  I’m not angry, I’m just tired of the drama and the double standards so…Trying not to dwell on it.

Stephen and Little Cutie camped out Sat. (Her dad got them a new tent..huge so they are happy)  They were suppose to camp out last night but I had a huge headache, my BP was up, and I wasn’t feeling well, so they stayed in.  They are camping out tonight.  She usually gets to stay up late, but being that tomorrow is a school day….She’s growing fast and loves legos.  We got her a bird house kit from Lowe’s (free).  She’s painted it but Stephen needs to help her put it together. 

Tbear is growing and walking a bit.  He’s coming into his own personality but is still very much a mom and Gigi’s boy. 😉 

Tutoring:  I do not have one open slot.  Two weeks out of the month I have 15 slots filled and the other two !4 slots since I go to Black Belt class then.  I teach Little Cutie, eat, tutor and either go to karate or tutor til 6:30 (on Mondays with no BB class) or 7:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m pretty much exhausted but also grateful.  God has really blessed me and the business. 

We also finally got to our hair appt. My stylist’s husband was sick for a while and she was needed at home.  Anyhoo, I’m letting the color fade out..will continue the same when I go again the end of Oct.  Then, the last of Nov. the plan is to do Christmas Colors.  We’ll see if it pans out  LC likes to get her hair braided. 

I think I’ve caught up with all of y’all.  


Currently, we are on our anniversary trip. Stephen came through. Hoorah. Our first day, I got stung 9 or 10 times by a jellyfish. Thanking God that since it was Labor Day, there was a lifeguard on site. She sprayed all the places with vinegar (now I know what to do) and within thirty minutes the sting was gone, whelps were still there but no side effects like last time. The rest of the day was great..us hanging out.

Yesterday, we saw dolphins playing and a shark jump out of the water. We also discovered a different beach. As perfect as it could be.

Today, we fed a squirrel, saw a stingray that got caught in a fishing net (it was safely put back in the ocean), a blue crab, several sand dollars, and egrets. It’s raining now so we are hanging out at the hotel.

No set plans for tomorrow as it’s forecast to rain again. Friday we head home and Monday home school and tutoring resume. I have a total full schedule..as I did this summer. God is good.

I’ve video chatted with Little Cutie and Tbear both nights. The first night Tbear just “chatted”. Last night, he pitched a royal fit bc he couldn’t get to me and he didn’t understand why I wasn’t taking him. Poor baby. I’ve been teaching him to say “duuuude, sup? Lol. Too cute.

They have my heart. Growing up fast.

I love the mountains where we live (though they aren’t as big as in other states, they are beautiful) but I also enjoy the beach. Grateful to God we got this much needed break.

No title is my title

Y’all, I feel like most days I can barely take time to breathe.  I haven’t caught up with most of y’all yet, but I will try to do so soon. 

Let’s see, back in July, I went to the farm because daddy had emergency surgery. He had abscess in his abdomen. He also has a small mass above his abdomen which they will watch, lots of kidney stones, and kidney issues.  He was born with one kidney much smaller than normal.  He is doing better but still having some issues.

While there, I got to see my sister, great nieces, and niece (in love).

  I video chatted with L.C. Tbear, and Stephen.  Tbear couldn’t figure out where I was and would try to kiss the phone and look all around it for me.  I was glad they got to come with Stephen to pick me up.They were extra glad to see me and the feeling was mutual.  Little Cutie wanted to take a green egg home.  I explained to her, she couldn’t keep it but needed to put it in the refrig. when we got back.  Um..we found it in the car several weeks later. Yeah. LOL.   

Mama with Little Cutie and Tbear. 

Little Cutie and Tbear.  Tbear didn’t want’ to leave me for a good while. LOL.  Little Cutie and her egg. She helped me feed and water the goats and chickens before we left for home.  She’s a great little farmer. 😉 

Little Cutie is into Legos and loves making all kinds of cool things.  Stephen and I have a few short bike trips but I’m glad and grateful whenever we get to go. 

Currently, I’m full to capacity with tutoring kids and will continue to be after school starts.   I will home school LC in the a.m./early afternoon then tutor.  Three days I’ll go straight to karate after tutoring and on Wednesdays, I will tutor until 6:30 or later and Fridays until 7:30.  I have told the ‘kids’ (#2 son and dil)  that I am taking Saturdays for myself and they have to work out schedules.  I’m not sure if they realize I mean it but I not only deserve, I NEED one day for me. I’m grateful for the students but so darn tired.  Currently, I’m having to zoom tutor with a student twice a week.  Court ordered visit to his dad’s.  We are all kind of worried since he’s had some um…issues with his dad.  This gives me a chance to check on him, but it’s not like a classroom google zoom.  I had to get all the stories, sheets, supplies, plans, etc done ahead of time (for three weeks).  Tuesday’s session went well.  We will see about Friday as it’s two hours long instead of one. 

Tbear pulled a Christmas tree (the kind with a vase like bottom) on my foot because he was thrashing about.  He didn’t want me returning him to his parents.  It hit my foot and it’s still a bit swollen and bruised after three weeks.  I wore a special shoe for two weeks. The doctor offered me crutches but I said no, so he asked about getting me a shoe. I had one so…  This week, it still hurts but no shoe needed. 

I save money from tutoring (aside from using the money to pay bills) for any trips, Christmas for everyone except me and birthdays for everyone except me.  So I told Stephen our anniversary (which we celebrated–number 38-July 30th) was on him.  Since I don’t tutor the first week of school (our county starts the day after Labor Day), we will be headed to the beach for a trip. 😉   I’m grateful for that.  

Below: Tbear sleeps and the video chats. 

We got to eat lunch one day with two of our foster kids..now in their 40’s. It was great.  We plan to do it again some time soon.  I needed to hear then tell us how much we helped me, meant to them, etc.  They are ‘ours’ for sure.

I doubt I totally caught y’all up (in case you care) but fairly close I think.  Maybe.  I hope to keep updated a bit more but my life is so busy and chaotic. Pray I can take Saturdays for me.  I’ve told #3 son and Stephen, I’ve been caring for someone literally since I was pretty young. I helped take care of siblings, parents, mil, Stephen, children, foster children, grandchildren, etc.  I need to take care of me. 

Oh, on the way back from the farm, we stopped at a park to feed Tbear.  It was so pretty and we saw these ducks.  Lovely. 


After my last post, I spent a lot of time talking to God.  At an odd moment, I felt Him telling me I needed to forgive Stephen and the boys.  I was a bit taken aback because I haven’t been at fault lately.  However, I did it.  I can’t say everything is perfect but I, personally, feel much better.  #3 Son is being respectful and back to his old teasing self.  #2 Son and DIL continue to be helpful.  Stephen goes to the ‘sleep Dr. tomorrow to get the results of his “sleep test” and breathing tests.

I got to spend Father’s Day with daddy.  Well, Stephen and I both did.  It was a quick trip just like Mother’s Day was but we enjoyed it.  We fixed lunch for him, had him open his present and just enjoyed time with them both.  The boys got Stephen an air fryer/insta pot combo.  We’ve only used it once but hopefully we will get much more use of it soon. Even though these aren’t great pics of me and daddy, I love them b/c it shows our relationship.  Daddy is aggravating me and trying to ‘hide’ behind me. LOL. He didn’t want to be seen dressed like he was but I won’t show these where anyone he knows can see him. 😉  

Little Cutie and I had a movie night (Charlie Brown) and popcorn.  It was fun.  Tbear cried b/c I was paying more attention to LC and she was between up.  I moved him on one side and her on the other and he was happy. LOL. 


Stephen and I actually had a date night and went to see F9.  We enjoyed it and I love movie popcorn. 

Stephen’s sister and husband have a swimming pool.  They live about an hour away but offer us the pool anytime we can go.  We took both kids a few weeks ago and LC by herself today.  We like it better when she’s by herself as Tbear requires a LOT of attention.  My sil had a baby float for her grandchild and Tbear loves the water 

Tbear sleeps on me most nights (still working on that extra room).  There are a few moments I can lay him beside me but it never lasts long.Even then, he throws his legs and then his arm too over me.  Little Cutie also sleeps in our bed b/c her room is so hot.  Stephen still needs to put in her AC but I told her parents I usually sit in there to make sure she cleans it up (and she has to clean her room b/4 he can put it in) but I’m not doing it this time..so.  They will do it this week and weekend (I hope). Little Cutie throws her leg and her arms over my legs. 😉 Then, of course, there is Justice up against me on the other side.   I don’t sleep much due to pain anyway. I doze, wake, reposition him (or myself), doze, wake, reposition, etc.  

Tutoring continues to keep me busy and I’m grateful for that. I am exhausted though. Life.