Well then…

Well then…my dil seems to try harder now that I’m not. LOL.  I did have to get her out of bed this a.m. b/c she was sound asleep, I was ready to teach LC and LC was no where to be found.  She was hiding in her room but her mom should have been up, had her dressed, etc.  After school I had to get dil up to finish her laundry and take care of LC.  DIL did put some of my laundry in w/hers and is now gone to get the letter stating we have permission to take LC to doctor’s appointments, ER, etc notarized.  

Advanced class last night was super easy for me since I didn’t have to do anything except “coach’.  It was fight night and I don’t physically fight any more (unless I have to, LOL).  I’m looking forward to this Thursday when it’s the day culminating all our A.S. Awareness Days. 

Son #3 is excited we are coming over night this weekend.  My parents seem to be happy as well.  Tutoring in a few, then karate. I’ll leave you with a few pics from tutoring (yesterday) and LC’s preschool. I made a paper sack book for LC.  It’s a sight word book.  I won’t teach her too many sight words b/c I’ll be using an ABeka Curric. next school year and it teaches her how to sound out pretty much all words 😉 




I decided I’m “done”/”finished” being a scapegoat.  Seems my dil went to her therapist (and she tells things to make herself look better) and he told her she needed to move out b/c of the stress.  Now, 1) We all know that’s impossible…she can’t take care of herself or child w/out help, 2) she brings stress on herself by being lazy 3) she acts like a child so sometimes is treated like one.  I acknowledge that she ‘lost’ her childhood due to abuse but that is not why she acts like a child that is a choice. 4) she does whatever she deems important. 5) I could go on but you get the idea.  

She does have mental issues (though I’m not totally convinced that she has everything she is diagnosed with since she knows what to say, how to say it, etc).  Somehow, the fact that she was told (and/or told) she was stressed that became my fault.  If anyone in this household is stressed..IT’S ME.  Basically, I’ve avoided interaction with her as much as possible.  I plan to continue that as I am done being a scapegoat.  I also have explained if she doesn’t get LC to bed on time and LC comes into my room early (before she’s been to sleep) then I’m taking her to her mom. There are other things I’m changing but no need to go into them.  

We have a black belt test for two brothers on Friday so I’ll be at the dojo from the time I finish tutoring (4:30) until 10:30 or 11:00 at night.  On Saturday, we will go to ‘the farm’ to help Son #3 organize a few things in his “apartment” in my parent’s basement and return home Sunday night.  I plan to go for a week in May to give him a break. 

I hope to one day have a A.S. shirt to wear everyday in April. I’m up to five now 😉   This year, I designed a new shirt.  It was based on a poster a kid made last year for our poster contest.  This year, Blue shirt day/self defense (students are to create a self defense move) and posters due are all this upcoming Thursday.  I’m excited.  

The weather? It’s crazy..cold, then hot, then warm, then cold..sigh.  It’s a daily roulette. Screenshot_2018-04-20-10-17-49


Our youngest visited for the weekend.  Reminder: He is currently living in the basement “apartment” at my parent’s house helping them out.  We are hoping he can find a part time job in the next couple of weeks.  Anyway, we had a good weekend.  Son #2 was off work.  We had fun eating taco salad, or pizza, etc, watching television, and just catching up.  We plan to do some cleaning up and reorganizing in his ‘room’/area while he’s gone so I can do some creative stuff there keeping it out and working on it as I have time.  We shall see.  Also, my aunt found a doctor who will see him about his Crohns.  Hopefully, he’ll prescribe his infusions again even if that means he comes back here to have them done. We are grateful to Father God for working that out.  

On a different note, here’s a couple more of my “keeping it real” segments for April’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Awarenss Month.


Back to the grind ;-)

Back to the grind.  Little Cutie was excited to start school again so it’s fun to watch her grow and learn. I found a sight work book at Goodwill and she loves reading it.  I hope to find more.


My tutoring students, thus far, seem to be glad to be back as well.  That’s good.  My 2nd and 3rd grader, neither of whom could or wanted to read, now argue over who reads first, how long they read, etc.  It’s great to watch.  They also asked to do a math game over again next week.  😉


Since I’ve been more real about how A.S. affects me, several of my students or parents have asked me how I’m doing with real concern and interest.  I appreciate that.  In our karate schools we are having a A.S. poster contest as well as having a Blue Shirt day to bring awareness.  I’m excited about that too. 

Little Cutie’s mom and dad (son #2) left me a sweet surprise. They know the way to my heart. LOL.  They got Stephen something too w/a sweet note. 


A friend and her daughter (both of whom I met through LC’s mom) gave me a present tonight.  A Raggedy Ann Doll (and she talks…the only one I have that talks).  One of the many things I collect are Raggedy Ann and Andy’s (thanks to my first two college roommates).  The mom saw it at the store she works at and thought I’d like it ;-).  She also got pencils, scissors, glue, and crayons to use w/school. Woo hoo.


Lastly, if you are interested, here are two more “keeping it real” posts. 


Yesterday/faith journaling

Yesterday, I rested mentally and emotionally by doing some faith journaling.  I had a HUGE mess out in our room but I enjoyed the creative process and it was needed. I’m not a great artist but that’s the cool thing of faith journaling…it’s how you see the verse/verses.  I also made a cool photo holder from a jar..it has a horse in it. 😉 



April is Ankylosing Spondylitis Month.  As with last year, I decided to put blue in my hair again..this year less blue and I’m keeping the green though I plan on putting blue shampoo over the large blondish strip in back..hoping it’ll be blue  We shall see.  Still… I love it. 

If you are friends with me on fb you can see updates.  Here’s the one I posted today.