The farm, snow, and panic

Saturday afternoon Stephen and I arrived here at the farm.  He was able to stay until Monday and then had to go home to watch the ‘kids’ while I’m here.  I’ve been helping mama get round, learn how to best do things when I return home, do her therapy, etc.  I’ve also done laundry, helped fix meals, feed the animals (including Justice as he stayed here with me), cleaned, blah, blah, blah . I’m exhausted. I’ll be here til Sunday and then probably have to come back on Sat late til Monday late for a few weeks. 

On the way here, it snowed some. I’ve been wanting snow for a while. Unfortunately, we just drove through it.  The area ended up with an inch or so of snow.  I want to get several inches but it looks like my ‘wants’ will not happen. Life. It’s been in the 60’s for the past few days but going back down to the 40’s starting Friday. 

Hopefully, tomorrow the home nurse will come.  She is suppose to .  She can help us figure out what else therapy wise we need to do.  Sunday, my sister, nephew/niece and their two girls came to visit. My aunt (mama’s sister) also came to visit.  Monday our oldest son and dil came to visit b/4 Stephen had to leave.  My sister wears a mask everywhere, doesn’t hug, doesn’t get close, stays in whenever possible, etc as does her husband and my nephew/niece.  My brother in law has covid and my niece had it back in Dec. She’s pregnant so they watch her closely.  She’s doing well thus far. 

The goats love do the chickens but Justice thinks he deserves some too. lol.  He loves running around the farm. 

I talked to Tbear on video chat yesterday. I talk with Stephen and Little Cutie nightly.  He just babbled, gurgled, smiled and reached for me.  He can’t figure out where I am.  After I hung up, Stephen texted me and said, ‘he’s calling for Gi”.  😉  Melted my heart. 

Had a small panic attack today.  Haven’t had one in years, but I’m thinking it’s just the stress.  I was out getting a few things for mama and daddy so I called Stephen and had him just talk to me. 🙂  That helped. 

Gotta go check laundry.  I think I’ve caught up with you all.

Catching Up

Been busy. Seems no down time.  Home school, eat, tutor, karate (or tutor til late in the evening), watching the kids, taking care of the animals, laundry, blah, blah, blah. Stephen wasn’t doing well..had really high blood pressure (stroke level), nausea, headache, etc.  Went to the ER…all this 2 weeks ago.  They send him home with meds.  Then we got a letter yesterday saying there was abnormalities in the lab. work.  Turns out he had septis.  He could have died and the ER didn’t try to call me, leave a message on his phone aking him to call back, call his Dr. or anything.  I’m pretty upset.  We are grateful God gave him a miracle.  He is still not feeling great and on strong antibiotics.  I feel it’s a constant thing with his and my parent’s health issues. Life. 

 Little Cutie is loving reading.  She found it hilarious that baby seahorses are called ‘fries’.  She’s doing really well in school.

Tbear is growing fast but still a little behind size wise for his age.  He’ll catch up.  Considering he was so premature, he’s doing great. 

Jan. 27th was my daddy’s 82nd birthday.  Stephen and went down Sunday and Monday to spend time with him and take him his birthday gift.  We all enjoyed the time together. Justice doesn’t usually ride well so we gave him some doggy CBD oil. It worked really well and he enjoyed the trip.

Sunday, I went with Daddy to take mama a few things. Monday he and I headed out to the Doctor’s office as mama had an appointment and it was a chance to actually see her, hold her hand, hug her.  Last time they went, two were people (daddy and my sister) were allowed to go back with her.  This time only one could go back.  Since daddy couldn’t walk that far, I asked my sister if she could sign mama in and then allow me to go back. She’d gone back last time and had seen mama since I had so my mama thought that the best plan.  I got to go back, hold her hand, talk to her, etc.  Afterwards, while waiting on her ride back to rehab, she and daddy got to talk, hold hands, etc.  It was a short time but good for our hearts. 

We assumed she’d be at rehab til the13th or 14th but insurance won’t pay any longer so she came home today. Since we didn’t know this until yesterday a.m. I have had to rush plan..dealing with tutoring (another week missed. Sigh), karate, making sure schedules could be changed to have someone take care of the kids, packing, etc.  My older brother brought mama home, my sister will go for a few hours tomorrow, help her shower, etc. #2 son changed his schedule so he could stay with the kids tomorrow and Stephen and I will head for the farm tomorrow.   I’ll stay a week to help mama and daddy.  I was hoping to rest tomorrow but…life. 

Tbear knows I’m Gigi or as he says it Gi (g as in goat and i as in in).  He will look around our room when he’s with Stephen and I’m teaching and say Gi, GI, GI, LOL.  He also cries when I come into a room where he is and don’t take him. He’s spoiled for sure and has my heart.  He loves playing with my diet dew bottles. 

  I will miss him and Little Cutie this week for sure.  Though I will video chat with Little Cutie when I do so with Stephen.  I may get to see Tbear on video as well.  We shall see. 

There you have it ;-)

Mama seems to be doing a tad better the past few days.  She’s headed to her doctor tomorrow (my daddy and sister will meet her there) to get her staples out  Mentally, she seems to be going down a bit.  I don’t know if it’s loneliness, meds or what but it concerns me.  I continue to pray she’ll be home soon.  

#2 Son and DIL took the kids and went to visit #1 son and dil. They’ll be gone til Tuesday. I’ll miss them but I plan to catch up on tutoring plans, and get some deep cleaning done.  Yeah, I know I should rest but this might be the only chance I have and all the mess makes it feel more chaotic to me. 

We are doing away with sign up sheets for karate (thankfully) though I won’t go tomorrow.  Simply have too much to do. 

I’m tired of people arguing and being ugly over covid, masks, vaccine, politics, etc. I skip post (even here) where I feel the person is being rude, judgmental, etc. Though if they are respectfully sharing their beliefs, I enjoy the read. So the next couple of paragraphs are my beliefs.  Should you want to skip that. Feel free. 😉  I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, debate with me, etc. Just sharing my opinions. If you do read sure to read the entire paragraph. 🙂  

Masks: I’ve been told by medical personnel that they don’t work.  I concur.  I, nor my students wear masks. We are extremely close in proximity b/c we have to be.  I don’t spit, cough, laugh, blow, etc into their faces nor allow them to do so to me.  While we practice good hygiene I don’t sanitize b/tween sessions or require them to use sanitizer when they come in (though I have it in the school room available.).  Not one parent or child got covid when we all had it.  SIdenote: We got it b/c we all love and kiss on the kids, plus we kiss each other bye, etc and our dil got it though she was a “religious” mask wearer . In karate, we don’t wear masks, (though anyone can if they desire).  I’m up close and personal with students of all ages, But again, we don’t blow, cough, sneeze, etc in each other’s faces and that is how the virus spreads according to medical personnel I know and it seems to be true. Not one of them got covid when we did either.  I do distance, have good hygiene, etc   I do that for all viruses/flus going around. I’m not anti mask. I’m pro choice. So yeah, unless it’s a hospital or seeing my mama like we did before she went into rehab. I don’t wear a mask. 

Vaccine:  Not for me (or mine so far). Though my parents plan to take it. Again, not anti vaccine..just pro choice. 

Politics: While I won’t get into this much, I am a constitutionalist.  I believe we should stick to our constitution.  This includes the right to free speech and the right to bear arms (yes, I carry).  I don’t think we should be bullied or manipulated by any person in government.  On a different note, I can not speak as to what happened in other states, but in my state (GA) there was definite voter fraud and our governor is up to his neck in lies and involved in criminal activities. I pray justice is served for all who have participated in crimes. 

I believe all lives matter.  We fostered many black and mixed race children while Stephen and I lived at the children’s home. We are in touch with a good many of them who still consider us ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ as we consider them our children.  They are with us on this and have gone out of their way to tell us so. We also had a youth group that was 98 percent black. Often, we were the only white people there. As in the children’s home, we learned much, as did they. I’m proud of how they, too handled all this stuff going on months ago.  It’s important to reserve judgement until all the facts are in.   I’m against ALL racism, ALL hate, ALL prejudice, non peaceful protests, riots, and ALL injustice,  I also am against BLM as an organization as (among other things) they’ve proven to be Marxists who spread hate and violence. We all need to come together, work together and hear each other out.  Again, whether or not I agree with a person’s beliefs or opinions, is not relevant.  We all have to right to be heard, to speak our truth. I absolutely believe we need to listen to each other, share respectfully our own points of view and move on if an agreement can’t be made.  We can still be friends, encourage each other, love each other and be mature.  How on earth are we ever going to accomplish anything if we just argue, fight, judge, etc.?  Again, I don’t judge or condemn those who differ in opinion on any of these issues. Nor, do I think less of them. It is their prerogative (and mine). 

There you have it. 😉 

Title ;-)

I apologize in advance, but I’m too exhausted to add pics so I’ll update as quickly as possible.  

Mama:  some hours she is good, others not so much.  I try to get her to tell the therapists that her goals and theirs are different.  They want her to stand for 5 minutes before they will work on walking.  She has the hip replacement on one side and the other leg is her bad leg with the bent foot.  She’s 82 and a half so…her goal is to get from her bed to the wheelchair or potty and from her chair in the back room to the wheelchair and potty.  I plan on talking to my sister b/4 Monday as that is the day Mama goes to the Dr. to look at the incision.  I’m hoping my sister (since she is on the list for medical ‘stuff’) can talk to the Dr. and rehab.  My mama needs to be home for mental and emotional health. My daddy is ‘killing’ himself going back and forth every other day. It’s crazy. 

Stephen is probably going to quit at the church. I’m okay with it but sad for him. He needs something for his mental and emotional health.  I would like it to be something that gave me relief as I tutor so much making the money we need. Sigh.

Tbear had a fairly high fever yesterday so he was with me most of the night. He slept fitfully most of it, I slept little.  About 515, the fever was broken and I took him to his mom to feed.  Today, he’s been fine.  The Dr. said it was probably a cold or teething. I think Father God answered our prayers. Tbear is spoiled and prefers mama or me.   He actually fusses if one of us isn’t around. 

We’re back in karate. Doing sign ups but…yeah.  I’m exhausted so I still move a less that 100 percent. But I’m there. 😉 

I’m tired of so called friends on facebook who feel the need to be rude simply because I differ in opinion on politics, covid, masks, and the vaccine.  Who cares?  At the moment, we are still a free country and are able to not only have our own beliefs but speak them. I’m not sure how long that will last, based on what is happening. SIGH  I’m moving to a different social media for most of my posting. 

Since I will not be taking the vaccine, but my parents will, I’m hoping I can still visit them down the road.  I will be going back when mama comes home.  I just hope that’s sooner than later.

I’ve gotten several requests for spoon ornaments.  Plus, Little Cutie wants to make some so eventually I’ll go to a thrift store to find some spoons and forks to paint. Been working on a window painting for months so…we’ll see. 😉 

That’s about it, I think.  I’m back to teaching Little Cutie, watching Tbear, tutoirng, karate and little down time.  Life. 😉 I think I’ve caught up with all of you though. HUGS to all. 

This and that…that and this ;-)

My brother and I got to see mama through the window today and talk to her on the phone.  I’ve encouraged her to wait til Sat. b/c that is when she can start therapy.  She has to be in this room two days and have two negative covid tests first. I think if she can get around others and start therapy then she will feel better.  My sister will visit her in the a.m. and my brother and I in the afternoon.  My sister and I have had to call several times to get things rolling and changes made.  Hopefully, we won’t have to continue to do that.  

I video chat with Stephen and Little Cutie each night. I got to video chat with Tbear today and he smiled a lot. He’d then frown because he couldn’t figure out where I was and why I wasn’t picking him up. 

On a different note, I’ve been painting spoons and forks to use as ornaments and gifts. I will get Stephen to bend them down for hanging after I spray them.  Here are a few but I I painted a giraffe on one for my sister (she collects them) and my younger brother chose one.  I’ve painted a couple of reindeer (I think they are super cute) and have about three more to paint.  Mama will choose one and I have the others to give as gifts.  I’ve painted about 7 or 8 forks and 8 or 9 spoons with various things on them.  I do it in spurts. 


When I am at mama and daddy’s, I leave cards for per night gone.  He leaves notes for me in various places such as in my bathroom bag, in with my paints, in my pj drawer, in my slippers, etc.  I’m finding them mostly within the first night/day but I found another one tonight. One of my favorites is the one on the right. 

Lastly, unlike many, I didn’t find 2020 to any worse for our family than many previous years. It was much worse for our country, states, etc for sure. Each year brings challenges, blessings, and changes.  We do the best we can each day with what we’re given.  I plan to handle 2021 the same.  Wishing each one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  May it be wonderful and may you be blessed.