The farm

Leaving after karate tomorrow night (Thursday) for the farm.  I’m going to stay the week and then celebrate daddy’s 80th birthday. 😉 I’ll post pics of the ‘babies’ ‘soon.  



Calico (the mama doe of the twins) didn’t make it.  She died the other night.  Stephen was there so he and Son #3 were able to get her loaded on the truck to get buried.  We are all sad.  The twins continue to live inside and be bottle fed.  If it warms up, Son #3 will take them outside some.  They need more exercise.  I’ll be headed that way late this upcoming Thursday.  I’ll be staying til after my daddy’s birthday (27th).  More later. 


Mamas ;-)

Son #2 was off from work on Sat. and he took me on a Mama/Son ‘date’.  We went to see Mary Poppins, shared popcorn, and totally enjoyed the movie.  He laughed because he said he looked over at me several times and we were always sitting exactly alike.  LOL.  Afterwards, we went to a few stores looking for a white or light sweat shirt for Little Cutie.  Never did find one.  However, we talked a LOT and both had a BLAST.  We hope to do it again soon.  No photos though. 😦

Son #3 went out to feed at the farm Sunday evening and found two newborns.  We didn’t even know the doe was pregnant (though now we think her sister may be pregnant as well).  She had two adorable does.   Son #3 named them Callie and Candy.  They are adorable and I can’t wait to see them in person.  Calico’s milk hadn’t come in so mama is bottle feeding them, while Son #3 helps. 

Today, while Stephen was on his way to the farm for his over night visit/help, Son #3 called and said Calico (the mama) and Callie were both sick.  Apparently Calico had fallen and couldn’t stand back up.  She fell partially on Callie and couldn’t move off her.  The vet was called.  Callie’s temp is low and Stephen is currently holding her to see if he can warm her up some.  Calico has pneumonia and low Calcium.  We hope they are both better soon.  


Off to get ready for tutoring and karate. 


I finally got a bit of time on Jan 1st and 2nd to do a little painting (crafts).  I was able to finish a piece for my village (a high school), four out of five Precious Moments Ornaments, and a shirt.  Little Cutie now wants a shirt so I’ll have to try to find her a sweat shirt she can grow with. 

Also, I  finally had a few moments to rest on Jan 1st and this happened.  Both Little Cutie and Justice wanted to lay on me.  Needless to say, there was no rest for me. They didn’t go to sleep or rest either…they kept moving around, etc. 


There is no finally here, I just thought Little Cutie was adorable in the pics.  We started back with karate today.  


I guess I can’t really look to the future too much.  I spend most days, just trying to get through the day.  I hope and pray 2019 brings healing, joy, and a great improvement in finances but I don’t really rely on it.  Just saying. 

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve at home.  Son #2 had to work, I was not overly thrilled with DIL #2 and her attitude lately (which Son #2 talked to her about), and Little Cutie is way to young to stay up.  Stephen and I just drank hot chocolate and watched the fun in NY (thankful we weren’t there LOL).  Today, Stephen had to take Son #3 back.  He’s been here a week and the visit has gone well. We enjoyed having him here He’s doing better but we still have his big dog here…a female pit bull.  She’s so sweet but loud at times. 😉 .  Stephen will be back late tomorrow night after church so I got a piece for my hand painted Christmas village completed.  It’s a high school and all it needs it clear spray.  I hope to get a shirt painted tomorrow….a simple snowman… and more village pieces completed throughout the year. I hope to do more craft things.  It is good for me. 

Though Son #3’s little dog and mine came from the same litter they are totally different looking dogs.  His, looks like the mom and mine more like the dad. 


Here’s a post I posted on facebook:

Little Cutie:” Gigi, were you home schooled when you were little?”
Me: (with her in my lap). “I didn’t live with my grandparents (incredulous look). I didn’t have my own room, I shared with Aunt Teri. We shared things with Uncle Mark and Uncle Mike. We didn’t have a lot of toys like you. AND…I not only started to school early (started first grade at age 5),but I went to public school the entire time I was in school.”
By this time, she’s got tears in her eyes. She hugs me and says, “That’s sad’. I’m so lucky I get to live with you and you teach me. If I didn’t live with you, I’d cry every day…all day long.”
Me: “I would too.”
NOW she smiles.

 Little Cutie had fun playing in a box. Simplicity.  She and I (despite the fact that it’s suppose to be a break for me) have spent a lot of time together. There are no real breaks but one can hope. 😉  I’m also busy planning my daddy’s 80th family get together and ‘drop in” for friends.  It will be the last of Jan.


Last weekend we went to Stephen’s mom’s family get together.  Got a pic of us and Little Cutie as well as the remaining sisters.  We had a good time and mom enjoyed it as well. 

Little Cutie had a great birthday on the 20th.  We also made a hand print Christmas tree..messy but fun.


Yesterday we went to the Zoo to see the lights and visit w/Santa. We didn’t think we could go this year, but we used the birthday money my parents gave her. 😉  Afterwards, we went by one of the largest ‘light shows’ around here. I don’t have many photos uploaded but we had a blast. 


Tomorrow we are having brunch at Stephen’s sister in law’s house.  Should be fun.  Tomorrow evening Santa will leave a few gifts early for LC and she and her parents will open gifts from us (and us them).  LC and her parents are then taking off for our oldest son’s house.  Christmas Day evening, we plan to go to my parents, spend the night and bring Son #3 back home with us (after church b/c..yes, our church is having regular Bible study).  

From my house/family to yours


Another post ;-)

I stay so busy I’ve not had time to check in or update.  I have been sick for over a week with a ‘violent’ cough, sinus, earache, etc.  I had to cancel two tutoring sessions b/c of the illness. I hated to do it but ..Now I’m just drained. 

Our black belt test (for two younger students) last til after 12:30 a.m. last Friday.  Their presentation will be this Thursday night so it’ll be another really long day.  Never ending. 

School is going well with Little Cutie.  She loves it and loves learning about other countries and Christmas.  She is also enjoying our book countdown to Christmas.  I hope to do this again next year.  This upcoming Thursday is her birthday (5) and the last day for tutoring and karate until after the new year. 


A friend of mine (well more a friend of my mama’s ) gave me the book “A Wonky Donkey”.  I cant’ wait to read it to Little Cutie. 

Stephen and I taught Children’s Church last Sunday (3-4 year olds).  It was fun but busy.  Tomorrow we have a family get together (Husband’s extended family) and then Sunday we have to hang out til night to attend a church party.  I’m not looking forward to that.  Since it’s such a long drive, we have no choice.  I’m hoping once next week is done, I can rest…fro a few days anyway.   We shall see.  

Son #3 is here for a visit.  That is going well.  My daddy’s book is now in ebook and both versions seem to be selling pretty well.  He’s had some great ‘write-ups’ in several newspapers.  I’m really proud of him.   There’s a link to one article (Christian newspaper) if you are interested in checking it out. 

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