I am at the farm.  I had to tutor Wed and yesterday so I wouldn’t be too far behind.  Had to help with a 2nd degree black belt test today  Love being a higher rank sometimes. 😉 We were late leaving b/c Stephen had a few things to do..then we stopped by our oldest son’s place for a bit.  I got to visit w/the little girl he watches.  She’s 2 and calls me “Gigi”.  Love her. She’s so sweet.  I hope to get a few pics of her b/4 I leave. 

Just talked to Stephen.  He’s almost back home.  Got in a huge thunderstorm (remnants of Cindy) on the way back.  I’m glad he’s almost there.  I was getting worried.  

My sister in law (she leaves tomorrow), niece, and I took care of the animals tonight.  My niece will be here for the week.  My parents are glad and grateful for the help and for helping with my niece too.  She’s 15 and a real sweetheart..but she’s 15 LOL.  

Mama is doing really well.  I’m pleased.  I think this will help her deal with her knee surgery when she has it done now.  

Lastly..redid my hair.  I decided we needed to try the crayon red over the blue b/c the blue was really staying in.  Both my stylist and I figured it’d turn it some shade of purple.  WRONG.  It’s a coppery color (mostly on top but throughout), light purple on the ends (and a bit through out) and the rest is very dark..with some hunter green showing through in places.  I love it though so. 

Hair pics..then tutoring pics. 

Soon to be 1st grader.  Tutoring included magnetic sight words and cvc words, pocket chart simple word/picture match, fun jar math (addition), reading, ‘painting’ words, and a vowel game. 

2nd and third graders.  Noun, verb, and adjective review (using the pocket chart), reading Curious George and writing about their favorite part. They also had a Curious George picture and wrote sentences about it.  Egg money match was fun. They read,  reviewed time, played Sight Word Candy Land, and wrote conversations bubble sentences from magazine picture. 

My sixth grader (no pics) and I worked on algebra problems, read, vocabulary, and we continued writing using his idea for a video game.  I have cards for the algebra, vocab games and reading “The Pirates of the Caribbean (so it’s fun).  I also had him create his own video game (b/c he loves them).  We did a rough brainstorming paper last week.  This week we started our first paragraph describing the game. My fifth grader did all experiments this week  Water trombone, egg drop, fire snake, tea bag flying, and making a stress ball. 😉 


Quick update then more later.  My daddy called this a.m. My mama was in the ER in severe pain. They discovered her gall bladder was inflamed, infected and had lots of gall stones.  She will have her gall bladder removed either this Thursday or Friday.  This will cancel her knee replacement surgery on Monday  I will go either Thursday p.m. or Friday (after a 2nd degree panel test) depending on what she tells me tomorrow.  I will stay through Tuesday at least. Always something….


Oh my goodness, y’all, there’s been so much to do, I’ve not had time to catch up here.  First, I am so, unbelievably, grateful to a friend who sent Stephen and me some money and said to pay a couple of bills and go out to dinner 😉  Guess what my Father’s Day gift to Stephen is going to be?  We plan to go out to eat on Sat.  We are so excited we can’t stand it.   

I have a new little soon to be first grader to tutor.  I’m grateful for that.  He is extra hyperactive, but cute and enjoys tutoring.  He challenges me big time b/c I have to change what I do with him every 10 minutes. 😉  On Tuesday, we matched color words, reviewed sight words, played scrabble sight word ‘soup,  water balloon fun with sight words, pocket chart sentences and read.  

Tomorrow, I have three students.  They keep me on my toes.  I also have Little Cutie.  Her mom is working part time and works 9 to 4 tomorrow.  Grateful her dad (son #2) won’t go in til 1:30 so that will help as I’ll tutoring 1 to 4:30 or so. I’m grateful that their parents continue tutoring during the summer. 

Grateful for all my students.  Last week, one of my favorite activities from last week with my 2nd and 3rd graders was musical parts of speech.  I had written various words on a index cards.  I placed them in a circle, played music while they walked around. When the music stopped they had to pick up the word, read it and tell me if it was a noun, verb, or adjective.  If correct, they kept it, if not, we determined what it was and put it back in play.  Another favorite was with my soon to 5th grader who stays an extra 30 minutes for experiments. We made our own fidget spinners  They actually work and are fun. I have videos of both on FB. 

My mama is worried about the upcoming knee replacement and my daddy is still having some issues so I deal with that from afar.  I’ll be going to the farm on the 24th and staying until July 9th to be there for the surgery and help.  I hate to confess this but I dread it a bit as I know I’ll be worn out and stressed.  I’m also missing two weeks of tutoring but…On the other hand, I’m looking forward to seeing and being with my parents, my niece will be there for a few days and that will be nice, and hopefully, I’ll get to see my very young (few weeks old) great niece (my sister’s grandchild).  I am grateful I can go and help out and that my presence will help calm my mother. 

Also, I’m grateful for our local library.  I don’t have money for ink for our printer so I went to run off a few things for tutoring and got a few books.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to read them. lol. 

I am grateful for you, my friends.  You, who encourage me, pray for me, help me out, advise me, and love me.  God has blessed me with each one of you.  

House/pet sitting and more

This week Stephen and I are house and pet sitting for a friend.  She and her family are sweethearts and we are glad to help out any time.  The little dog is sweet and loves me especially 😉 so I enjoy that.  Plus, though we go back to the house so I can tutor and before karate so I don’t have to pack everything up, we are staying at the house over night and that gives us a bit of piece and quiet.  Though Little Cutie may come over here tomorrow night as they are showing free movies for kids at a nearby theater…totally free for parents (or grandparents) and kids on Thursday.  They are doing it on Thursdays through out the summer.  If Stephen is up to it, we’ll go.  If not, we won’t so we haven’t mentioned it to her or her parents. 

I talked to my mama today.  She sounded pretty down about my dad’s and her health, but by the end of the conversation, I had her laughing.  I know a lot of it is worried about the upcoming knee surgery and my daddy having issues still with his bladder, etc.   And she’s happy because my sister’s oldest son’s wife had a baby…a girl.  My sister has three boys, like me and now we both have a grand daughter.  Too funny. 

 I haven’t said anything on FB (and won’t) but son #3 and his fiancee’ broke up.  Actually, she broke it off (we think in response to some questions he asked) but no real reason was given. (We can’t prove it, but all of us think she was cheating on him). He is truly heart broken and we hope and pray God leads him to the right person who loves and cares for him as much as he does for them.  

DIL still doesn’t have a job and has frustrated..nay angered me a lot lately so I’m grateful for this house/pet sitting to get me away a bit and keep me from being ugly and saying something I shouldn’t.  I try hard to be patient with her b/c she’s had a rough life and wasn’t taught a lot of things as far as relationships go..being a mom..etc.  Still some things are because she is more focused on herself that other people/things.  I also know part of it is because I’m so tired (not just physically) and I have to step back and make sure I’m not upset or angry bc of that..that I am not over reacting.  The stepping back allows me to say what I want to say in a calm, respectful, yet firm, way. I want her to know I love her but she has to grow up and be responsible.  

That’s all folks..later. 



Wed til now ;-)

My husband’s birthday was the 31st.  He wanted to go on a overnight trip as a present so we did (after our youngest took us out to eat).  We got to do several things on our ‘bike’ bucket list: 

1) Ride The Dragon’s Tail (318 curves in 11 miles) We actually rode it twice since we turned around and came back).
2) Ride Moonshiners 28/Hellbender (for those who don’t know it’s a road )
3) Go to Fontana Dam (TVA’s largest Dam)
4) Ride the Cherohala Skyway (over 5000 feet elevation)
Bonus: For me: riding the largest working motorcycle in the world with one of the owners of Cherokee County Cycles in Andrews, NC.
For us both: riding on the Applachian Trail (which is now the road since the Dam was built), and seeing deer, a wild turkey, a vulture, and a small rabbit. Hopefully photos later. 

We didn’t get home until 11 p.m. Thursday.  I had an appt on Friday a.m. and tutoring from 1:00 to 5:00 (normally it would be 1 to 4 in the summer).  We did a lot of fun things including making our own fidget spinner. 😉 

We are house sitting and feeding/watering/and letting out the dog for my superhero.  We will spend the night over there some.  We didn’t tonight b/c Stephen is in so much pain from the neuralgia in his face.  We hope to find a dentist soon that we can afford. 


Tutoring included going outside and having fun with nouns and verbs, writing sentences with sidewalk chalk, and tic tac toe addition flash cards.  We came inside and wrote wild thing stories, matched contractions, read, and completed picket chart sentences.  

Due to restless leg syndrome and pain, I haven’t been sleeping well.  I was able to get a couple hour nap in today and slept deep.  I was grateful for that.  

Little Cutie’s mom may have a job.  They never seem to last long, so we will see. 


Little Cutie got stickers from C.  She loves to stick them on one thing, then remove them, etc.   She stuck them on her face, and then Papa’s. lol

I’ve been really worn out lately…so tired I hurt (not my normal hurt a deep in the bones hurt).  It sounds simple to say ‘just rest’ but I really don’t have the time.  I HAVE to teach karate and tutor b/c of finances.  LC’s mom will hopefully get hired soon so we’ll be back to watching LC more instead of just certain times, blah, blah, blah.  I’d love to take a few days to just sleep and rest but that won’t happen either.  I’m trying to rest when I have the chance..I just think I need several days in a row just to catch up. Enough of the complaining…I’ll survive. 

Stephen’s birthday is coming up next week.  I hope to get him a few things this weekend and we may take a ride on the bike if the weather permits.  We’ll see.