Back into the swing of things….

We are totally back into the swing of things with home school, tutoring (though a couple of my students have been sick these first couple of weeks back.  

Sunday, I have to go to South Ga with a couple of friends.  One is my Sensei’s wife and she has a baby shower (her dil’s) to attend.  My Sensei won’t go (not sure why) and she doesn’t want to go alone or drive so..another friend and I volunteered.  Makes for a long day but….

Little Cutie is already upset by the fact that she and her parents are going to Son #1’s home for a late Christmas presents exchange.  Personally, I think Son #1 is being a pain in making them come.  He wasn’t happy they stayed here this year, but such is life.  I’m holding them to the deal of rotating. 😉 I’m also thinking they are going to find it difficult to travel with two children.  We shall see.  Anyway, though I’ve explained to LC that they won’t leave til after 7 at night and will return about the same time I do on Sunday, she is still sad because she wont’ be with me. She’s a mess.

I take my 7th grader for an extra half hour every other week so our first week back, I had him make a gingerbread train with Little Cutie….it was adorable and we all had fun.  They ate as much as they decorated, I think. LOL

Back to the grind leaves me with little time to myself and I’m on mission to find a way to add a room/space so we will have room for the baby.  Prayers appreciated.

Catching Up…

Christmas Eve was awesome because Little Cutie and her family were here for the first time in about 3 years the entire time. 😉 .  We did all our family traditions: making sugar cookies (some for Santa lol), going out and looking at lights, stopping and getting a drink as a treat while out, treasure hunt for Little Cutie, etc.  A small inexpensive train was her treasure hunt gift. 

Christmas Day was a blast..watching Little Cutie get so excited about her presents.  Simple things but wanted and loved by her, eating a HUGE brunch (cooked by Stephen), “vegging” the rest of the day, watching movies, etc and pizza for supper.  We totally enjoyed our time together.  For a few years, I’ve been trying to get LC’s parents to get her a battery for her big jeep that a friend of mine got her.  She’s had it for about 3 years but unable to ride it.  This year they could afford it so..It’s a favorite thing of her and it has been such fun watching her enjoy it.  My favorite gift was from Stephen.  A couple months back, my mama gave me her mama’s class ring and a pin.  The sets in both were ‘out’.  Stephen had them fixed for me. Treasured items.  Made me and my mama cry. 😉

The visit to my parents and son #3 was mostly great.  Busy and tiring too.  Son #3 took us to see a movie and got us popcorn and drinks too.  My sister and oldest brother visited. My younger brother called.  Long story short and private story kept private, he’s caused a lot of heartache, hurt, and anger, in our family.  I love him, but, y’all, if I could punch him I would.

Little Cutie ended up on our karate page’s profile pic.  Love it!


We are still working on how to either enclose our porch or add a room for the upcoming addition..Oh did I share that?  Yeah…DIL #2 is pregnant.  Of course, since we lost Vincent we worry.  She is high risk so this time there are more Dr. visits.  We don’t really have the money to add on or enclose the porch and yet…seems we are going to have to.  I already stress over the ‘work’ a baby will add. But we are still grateful and happy.  With our situation, it’s more like adding another child instead of a grandchild but y’all already know that. 


Little Cutie’s  ‘adopted’ grandmama gave her some things including a book (Harold and the Purple Crayon) and a canvas and purple marker.  She loved it.  That is her and a house in the top part of the pic and me, her and a candy tree in the bottom part.  Love this book.  Such fun.  A great aunt and uncle gave her a ‘paint your own’ cupcake bank.  She loves art.  It’s often the center she chooses. 

Lastly, I’m back at tutoring and home school.  I’m up to 9 students now with 2 more on a waiting list.  It’s a sad situation so I’m praying about some rearranging to see if I can work them in.  Also got red added to my hair..hope it stays.  We shall see.   

Little Cutie’s loft bed.  It’s a loft bed, playhouse/play area all rolled into one.  She’s ecstatic.  We all think Stephen did an awesome job.  Fun.  Plus, I got her mom to finally go through all her toys with her and put some aside to take to my parents to leave there, some to give away and the rest to organize.  I did a lot of the cleaning up, vacuuming, etc (otherwise it doesn’t get done) and told LC that if she messes it up again, I give away toys.  She knows I’m serious so…We had to rearrange her room to make room for the loft.  She has LOADS of books (thanks to the used book store (where we trade in) and family and friends.  I took all the books off her tall bookshelf, moved it and put them all back on.  Her room looks great now.  In the photos you can see the chalkboard area I painted.  We may hang a couple of pics in there but other than that, it’s done. 😉  Her huge desk (bought from “One Man’s Junk”) is to the left and has her small Christmas tree on it. The princess in the window is a lamp gotten at a yard sale. 

Stephen’s body temp is always pretty warm.  He can actually place his hand where ice it and it melts.  We don’t need an ice scrapper.  Here, it’s gone from icy a.m.’s and in the 40’s back up to the high 60’s.  Crazy.  I truly want some snow though. 😉

As soon as Little Cutie gets back w/her mom (from her mom’s family get together), we’ll make cookies, go look at lights, and have our treasure hunt.  I’m looking forward to having these traditions with her this year. 😉

Little Cutie’s hand print cards we made. ;- )

Merry Christmas!!

Lots of stuff going on ;-)

Busy as usual and up to 9 tutoring students.  Quite frankly, it’s all the room I have.  I am  tutoring on Wednesdays til 6:30 and Friday until 7.  I just added twins to make it 9.  I took them together at first, but after the new year, I will take them separately.  They are definitely all boy. LOL.  My parents gave me some really cool gifts..not all are pictured here.  I got a elf made from quart jar top cute, a pair of really cool shoes (narrow enough to fit exactly), goodies to eat (zucchini bread, candy, buckeyes, chocolate coated pretzels, peppermint candies, etc.  Little Cutie got candy, an art set and a popcorn can. 😉 My tutoring parents rock. 

At the beginning of class on Thursday, I just had 2 Little Warriors (others came in not too long afterwards so we had a pretty good class) so I let them noodle fight and noodle block.  Little Cutie told me she didn’t think she should have to do homework at a  place that wasn’t home (b/c I had her working during the 2nd class).  I informed her, it wasn’t homework, but uncompleted school work. 

Little Cutie celebrated her 6th birthday.  She got several small gifts from us and some from her ‘adopted’ grandmama.  Her main gift is a very cool loft cabin type bed that Stephen made.  I still need to do a little bit to it so I’ll post pics of it later.  It looks awesome and she loves it.  She’ll sleep in it for the first time tomorrow.  She also had a Dr. appt on her bday (her mama’s doing) and her mama had the flu so we had to take her.  She did great and I got her a flu shot.  Her dad made her strawberry cupcakes and I helped her dip strawberries in chocolate.  We watched a movie (Mickey’s Christmas Carol) and ate popcorn later in the evening.  She had a great day. 

Last night we went to Holiday Lights at the Zoo.  She LOVES this.  We got a pic. made with Santa, made ornaments, colored pictures and saw a lot of our favorite animals.  On the way home, we went by a place in a nearby town that has LOADS of lights and free hayrides.  That was fun as well.  We were late getting home but it was a great time for us all. 

I’d hoped to have a few days of rest but that doesn’t seem to be happening but this is the first Christmas in several years that Little Cutie and her parents will be here on Christmas. I’m stoked about that.  Fortunately, we were able to get most of her gifts from Goodwill or thrift stores.  The only major purchase we got her was a robot dog (the one major thing she asked for) and her parents got her a battery for a jeep that friends of mine gave her several years ago..we just never could afford a battery. I suggested last year they get it but they didn’t..this year they accepted the suggestion.  Christmas Eve we plan to do all the traditions we did with the boys growing up……treasure hunt (leading to a small gift), cookie making and decorating (for Santa and us), going out with hot chocolate and looking at lights, etc.  Then on Christmas a.m. a wonderful huge breakfast.  They will then go to see DIL’s family.  The Friday after Christmas we go to my SIL’s to celebrate my MIL’s birthday (my idea as my husband is extra worried about his mom’s health).  Hopefully two out of our three boys will be there.  Over the weekend, we’ll head to the farm and be there several days.  There’s never resting there but I do hope to get Stephen to handle Little Cutie for an hour or so in order for me to get some reading in.  We shall see.  

Our book down continues. 

Merry Christmas to you all.


Past Week

So..the never ending business. LOL.  I had a mom contact me to ask if I would tutor her twin boys.  I wouldn’t have considered it but we need the money and I have been staying home on Wed. nights.  It’s an hour and a half drive one way to church and that means we don’t get home til 10 or later.  That puts Little Cutie to bed waaaay to late so…yeah.  Stephen has been going on his own.  I met with them and the parents last Wed.  They are super hyper.  The parents want me to try to tutor them together for this week and next (it saves them $10 and time) to see how it goes.  Frankly, I’m a bit concerned but we will see.  

Last Sunday we had Thanksgiving w/Stephen’s side of the family.  My sil had a wonderful art project planned which I helped with.  The three great granddaughters hand prints were used to make a wreath and mom (my mother in law’s) fingerprints were the berries.  I’m thinking about doing this next year w/my side of the family.  I got one, my sil (the grandmother of the other two great grands) got one, and mom got one. Mom was doing really well and was so happy.  It was a great time.


The week was busy with tutoring, home school, and karate as usual. Thanks to a friend’s awesome and unbelievable gift of membership to the Chatt Zoo we went on Thursday for a quicker visit.  It was a perfect time to visit as there weren’t many people there and the animals were all out and about.  We got to get up close and personal with the an albino peacock and I got several cool “shots’ of Little Cutie with the jaguars. 

Yesterday we went to see Santa at one of my favorite bakery shops.  We had a good time out and about and ran into Santa’s helper (since we’d just seen Santa) at a Thrift store.  We found a few things for Little Cutie from Santa at the thrift and Goodwill stores.  


Today after church we celebrated Son #2’s bday.  After church he opened presents, we watched a movie then he and our dil left to see our oldest son.  They’ll be gone until Tuesday.  He asked about taking Little Cutie but I didn’t want to make up two full days of school.  Little Cutie made him a polar bear birthday card. 😉  Below:– 2nd photo: Son #2, DIL #2 and Little Cutie.  

We are also doing our book count down to Christmas again this year.  Each night before bedtime,Little Cutie opens a book and we read it.  The last one will be Christmas Eve. 😉 


The basics (update)

Birthday:  My birthday was a good day.  I slept late (a rarity), had a very nice lunch, my favorite cake (Stephen worked hard on…a butterscotch pound cake), and then LC and I watched a movie and got out Christmas stuff while Stephen went to Wed. night church. Late Wed. Son #2 and DIL gave me Christmas yearly bear, a bath mat and soap dispenser from Little Cutie.  I love all things Christmas and Son #2 has given me the yearly bear for about 15 years now.   A friend send gave me a Grandparent membership to the Chattanooga Zoo.  We are all excited about this. Can’t tell you how excited.  Stephen and I also got off over night (a town about an hour away).  I’d gotten a Chili’s gift card from a friend fo r a gift so we ate there..then I just laid around, read, watched a little tv. and had a relaxing time.  We also stopped at Goodwill on the way home where I got a couple of games for tutoring.  It was so great being out just the two of us. 

Karate:  Little Cutie got her last Little Warrior belt before her final Camo Little Warrior Belt.  She is so excited and has worked really hard. 

Thanksgiving Week:  I tutored and had karate Monday and Tuesday. Wed. we came to the farm.  We went to Son #1’s Thanksgiving Day (yesterday).  All three boys were there.  We had a great day (no photos though).  Today, was my side of the family’s get together.  We had a good time, then came back and got out my mama’s Christmas stuff.  I’m worn out but I’m always glad to do it for her.  My younger brother and family are here so my brother and niece help a lot too.  Little Cutie has enjoyed seeing the family and helping on the farm.  She came with us Wed. night and has stayed with us. Her dad came down yesterday but had to get back for work today.  Hopefully more pics later.  We shall see. 


Hair: Got it redone..Basic same colors with red added in..and darker base color.  You have to be up closer to see the colors but it works for winter and I’m loving it. 

We are headed home tomorrow and have to unpack, cook, etc.  Stephen’s side of the family will get together after church on Sunday.  It’ll be good to see all of them as well.  Next week…back to the grind. 😉 

No photo update ;-)

No pictures this time.  Took Little Cutie to the Creative Discovery Museum for a field trip on Thursday.  She had a blast. We enjoyed it too. We were back in time for karate. 

Had a Black Belt Panel test for four candidates on Friday night.  Finally returned home after 1.a.m  It was a long test (always 6-7 hours) but quite frankly, this one was shorter than I anticipated. Each of the candidates did an awesome job though there were a few injuries..which isn’t unusual.  I am so proud of them all.  

Saturday, I got out as much as my Christmas stuff as possible.  Y’all know how much I decorate.  I still have a TON of things to get out/do.  Hopefully, I’ll get most of it done soon. But I already love that is is beginning to look like Christmas.  I have all my ‘yearly’ bears out.  It will get done. 

Tomorrow is a ‘normal day’ then a Black Belt Presentation.  Wed is my birthday and I”d like to have most of the Christmas ‘stuff’ done.  I doubt it will happen though…so I won’t be disappointed if it’s not. 😉  This upcoming Saturday, Stephen and I plan to go off over night.  Not far, nothing fancy just some time together. 😉  I’ll tutor some next week (the week of Thanksgiving).  I won’t have home school but I have appointments Monday and Tuesday a.m.  I have several students who want to tutor and quite frankly two need it b/c they have research projects due that I’m helping them with..research, correcting punctuation, spelling, etc. I always learn something when I do this so it’s interesting. 

It’s late..I’m trying to catch up with all of you so I’ll scoot.