Too much going on..I’m exhausted, worn out mentally and emotionally…just exhausted. 

Several of you have asked about home schooling so I’ll share my story (in case you want to read it) concerning my boys and Little Cutie.  

I was a public and private school teacher.  When our oldest was 5, I was teaching part time and we decided home school was the best for him.  So I home schooled all three boys.  We had a school room (converted two car garage), teacher desk, student desks, bulletin board, dry erase boards, centers, field trips,tests and report cards.  By middle school (6th grade) they had a choice of continuing to home school or not. Once the decision was made, they had to stick to it. Son #1 (with my parent’s help) starting in 9th grade went to a small private school then public school.  He hated both and said he learned so much more in home school.  Son # waited until 10th grade to start public school.  He, too, didn’t like it and was amazed at how much more he knew that the public school students.  Son #3 attended public high school starting at 9th grade.  He liked it okay but admitted it was bc he really didn’t have to work too hard. LOL.  

I have home schooled Little Cutie for the past two years (preschool and Kindergarten).  She started K early and I will continue this year with teaching her First grade.  Like with her uncles, we have a school room and all the things I mentioned having with my sons.  

When people mentioned socialization with my boys, I’d reply, “Have you met my boys?”. LOL.   The same goes for Little Cutie.  My boys were active in church, karate, etc as is Little Cutie and social skills have never been lacking for any of them.  Truly, public/private schools are not always great for socialization.  Many learn inappropriate things, language, etc.  I am not anti public or private schooling.  As I said, I taught in both of those sectors.  I think they both have a lot to offer students.  However, for me, for my family, home schooling has offered the best academics, training, and even social skills for my boys and now my granddaughter.  As long as I am able and they live in our house, I will continue to home school Little Cutie.  She is getting an amazing education (as did my boys).  She loves home school and I enjoy teaching her.  As with my tutoring students, her learning is customized for her..her learning style,  her personality, etc.  We have a lot of fun and use a great curriculum (which her parents pay for).  Though, not for everyone, home school has been the way to go for our family and something we feel Father God has led us to do. 

Speaking of which, I have totally re-organized (added bookshelves, changed out things, etc) and it’s crowded (as the back of the room is still a ‘sitting area’ and place for some of Stephen’s things), but looking good.  I have loads of games (for tutoring and LC), charts, centers for LC (puppets, pretend, sand, salt, blocks,puzzles duplos, writing, listening, reading, on and on), books galore, books on tape, etc. Pretty much all I have (including the teacher’s desk, student desks, taped books, etc was given to me.  Many of the games and puzzles were given to me or gotten at Goodwill. I have the BB and BB items, as well as some charts and even centers from when I home schooled the boys.  People give me things I used with art, LC’s treasure box, and my tutoring students.  I have been very blessed to have a ‘well stocked’ school/tutoring room.  As long as Father God leads me, I will continue in tutoring and home schooling.  

If you have questions, I haven’t answered, ask them.  😉

Catching Up

Not a lot of time so…Sasha has still not found her way home.  Little Cutie tested in karate for her next belt.  Two more after this and she gets her camo Little Warrior belt which she’ll keep until she is old enough to test for her 9th gup yellow belt. She is proud.  I am still tutoring..pretty full load, going straight from tutoring on Tues. and Thursday to open the dojo for classes.  Rearranging and changing the school/ tutoring room as I have time.  It needs it so.  Trying to find as much of LC’s first grade curric. as possible at used book stores etc.  But I need to order the rest soon.  

Little Cutie’s parents have been gone since Monday–anniversary week. They are at Son # 1’s and taking inexpensive day trips and just hanging out..they are suppose to be back tomorrow. 

Been helping Stephen with youth and youth trips. We took LC on the last one..tubing.  It was fun.  

Trying to catch up with all of you, but truly, not sure if I can or not.




Last week, Stephen was feeding Son # 3’s dog and Sasha got out.  I’d been gone the week before to mama and daddy’s..then we’d gone riding on Monday, then life started. I think she thought I had abandoned her.  I was at karate when she got out or she’d have come back to me.  We haven’t been able to find her, though we’ve checked vets, the pound, Humane society, put out posts on fb.  I am heart broken and so worried about her.  She has so many anxiety issues.  Still looking and still praying Father God will bring her back to us.  20190325_130413

Box of fun/water fun/barn not fun

A friend of mine sent Little Cutie a box of ‘fun’.  Her last day of school (last week) was filled with making cookies, art, fun in the sun (water fun) and making all A’s on her report card.  She loves home school so when her parents move out, she’ll be stunned at the difference in public school.  I intend to enjoy teaching her while I can.

I cleaned out the barn today.  Three dead baby rates,  two and a half bags of rat poop and some garbage, one very tired woman.  But son #3 was very appreciative. 😉  Too many rats out there. 


Son #3 called today.  Well, we talk pretty much every day so that wasn’t new.  But, we’d gotten into a disagreement yesterday.  He apologized.  Anyway, he called today to say he’d fallen down the stairs at my parent’s house and broke his knee.  He should wear an immobilizer and be on crutches, but he says he can’t do the farm work on crutches.  I’ll be there on Sunday but still….

My mama canceled her knee surgery and is doing the colonoscopy first.  This is what I said she be done from the start.  Now, I won’t be there for either surgery.  My sister will be there the day before and off the colonoscopy.  Sigh.  Never dull. 

Photos from mine and Stephen’s short ride on Monday. 

Family….and stuff

My mama has been having a lot of trouble with chronic colon inflammation.  Her heart rate has been a bit erratic too (she has a pace maker).  Her knee has also been giving her trouble.  My uncle (my daddy’s oldest brother…the 2nd of five siblings with my daddy being the oldest) and aunt visited them last Friday.  It was a good visit.  By Tuesday my uncle had passed away.  My mama was super close to him so it hit her hard.  The funeral was yesterday and she was too sick to go.  Stephen, Little Cutie and I drove down to my parent’s after tutoring on Friday and I drove my daddy to the funeral while Stephen, Little Cutie and Son #3 came in a different vehicle. 

After the funeral (which my oldest brother ‘did’), and eating, our son drove on back while we visited a bit more.  We then came on home, packed up and went by Son #1’s where we visited and ate supper.  We got home late.  

Today, after church we went by to visit Mom (mother in law) at her new place (which she moved into yesterday).  She’s in an assisted living place..an old colonial home.  She seems very content thus far. 

DIL #2 went to get her hair cut today and planted the idea of a hair cut in Little Cutie’s mind.  I miss the longer hair and am upset w/my dil for doing that.  LC seems content and it’ll grow out but still..all the curls and waves are gone.  I told Stephen that her (dil’s) spontaneous crap b/c of her mental illness is bad enough w/her but to project it to LC does not make me happy.  I just told LC I was glad she was happy with her hair….and left it at that.  

I head to my parent’s house for a week this upcoming Sunday.  Mama will be having knee surgery to cauterize a vein on the following Tuesday.  I’ll be able to help her the next couple of days. 

Pretty sure I got my tutoring schedule complete. (8 spots).  Stephen and I sat down and got the youth summer schedule down as well. Now if they would just start paying him. Prayers to that end appreciated  Also..moving into a ‘new’ place for our karate school. I will have to open all of June (starting the 2nd week) and all of July.  

Oh..did I mention Friday is Stephen’s birthday?

Never dull,  y’all..Never dull. 


Taking a Stand/Not taking mistreatment

An update is at the end of the post. 😉 

Little Cutie has been a bit disrespectful to all of us adults…mostly when she doesn’t get her way or get to do something she things she should do. Typical five year old.  We’ve tried various consequences but still she prevails.  I decided that I had to come up with something I knew would work so I had a chat with her and her parents.  The bottom line is that if she can’t be respectful to me, then I won’t read her a story at bedtime. 

Her: “But Gigi, that’s the worse punishment of all!!!”

Yeah…thus far this has worked. 😉 

Yesterday, while talking to my kids (Son #2 and DIL #2) about dil not doing her chores, leaving dishes in the sink, and leaving a bag of trash at the door instead of taking it out (her excuse was that she was sick)  DIL was disrespectful to me.  I held my tongue and kept my cool, stated what I expected in the future.  I also mentioned this is an ongoing issue and that if DIL had done her chore over the weekend, then on Monday, this wouldn’t have been an problem.  She has three chores: clean their bathroom (she rarely does a good job), sweep and mop the kitchen floor (she’s sporadic in this),  and vacuum the stairs and landing (she hasn’t done this in literally months so I’ve done it). I then left. 

This a.m., however, I pulled my son aside and told him that while I appreciated that he would take up for his wife, he need to know the following: As I’m not going to be disrespected by LC, I will not be disrespected by DIL either. That if she didn’t apologize to me, that the next time she wanted me to do something for her, the answer would be no and would continue to be that until she apologized.  I followed it with, he and I both knew that DIL did what DIL wanted to do whether sick or not (she has bronchitis and smokes so…there’s that )  and she never wanted to do chores and either hasn’t done them or hasn’t done them well. However, she has three days off and three chores…I expected them to be done on those days and done correctly. I’m not doing her vacuuming any more..she HAS to do it. 

I feel used and disrespected, I do the best I can for everyone in the house (as well as for some outside the house) and I can’t change how some see me (due to their mental issues, brain injury, or just being self centered), but I can take a stand for myself for a change.  I’m doing that.  I’m not going to be disrespected ( they can get mad, move out, fuss, talk about me behind my back, etc  ..doesn’t matter)  I’m going to take up for myself and NOT do for others if they mistreat me.  I love them..I do… but love swings both ways.  My Son said he understood and agreed.  We shall see.  Prayers there are positive changes as I hold my ground. 

On a different note, Stephen has gotten the yard looking great and continues to slowly clean up his piles.  He’s also helped with the vacuuming and taking off trash–something I’ve been asking for for a while.   I’m extremely grateful for that. Thank you, Father God.  

Update:  DIL, not only apologized but acknowledged she hadn’t been doing her chores, either at all or correctly, and said she’d do better.  Prayers, this is truth.;-)