Can’t remember…

To be honest, I can’t remember all that’s happened since my last update.  It’s been a financially difficult summer with so many kids heading off to camps/vaca/grandparents so tutoring has not been as financially rewarding as in the past. 

The AC in our car doesn’t work so we are supposedly on a list to get it looked at. It’s been in the 90’s with a heat index way in the 100’s.  A friend has been coming out of her way to pick me and Little Cutie up for karate. I’m really grateful.  I’ve been helping her with katas, etc so she can test for 4th dan Black Belt soon. 

I have had movie night with Little Cutie where we watched a movie we recorded.  Stephen and I took her to the theater once as well.   Little Cutie had a friend over  for a day visit where they helped me make cookies, I painted their nails and they played for hours. Later, she came for an overnight visit.  T is deaf and wears cochlear implants.  She taught me a few new signs. LOL Some are her own personal signs so…yeah.  They had a blast, chalked up our driveway, and T started calling me “Gigi” too. 

Tbear turned two and is yakking away. LOL

Friends came and replaced our toilet and a couple of faucets as well as gave us money to go on an anniversary weekend (#39 coming up in a couple of weeks).  We are excited about time alone. 

Movie night pics.

We go outside some but never stay overly long b/c of the heat.  We don’t have central air either so we have AC window units in some rooms.  We are never overly cool anyway.  The kids sometimes get ultra dirty but that’s part of the fun. 😉 

Really, I think that’s the main things going on.  I did get great photos (point and shoot camera) of the super moon but haven’t had a chance to put them on my computer yet. 😉 

I will finish catching up with y’all later this weekend, hopefully. 😉 

29 thoughts on “Can’t remember…

  1. Such fun!! I’m so glad you have been blessed with helpful and loving friends – God does hear our prayers! LC is getting so tall! Those legs – she just might be taller than you!! And TBear is so adorable. I say let them get dirty! The dirtier the better as that is in a way a measure of the fun had! (besides a bath is a great way to cool off! )

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    • LC will definitely outgrown me. She’s a mess and dubs herself, “mini Gigi”. 🙂 Yes, I am a let them play and have fun kind of person. Though I usually make sure they have baths, their dad got them that night. LOL. They both love baths so it’s all good. Yes, God has been so good to us and prayers answered. We are so thankful. Hope all is well with you. I’m almost caught up on your posts, I think. HUGS


  2. Lovely to see you and know all is well, even though I know how tough it can be at times dear Elizabeth….
    Sounds like you have some lovely friends who are helping .. Love the girls and their drawings in chalk on the drive… Hope it cools down for you soon…. We are set to experience something similar in the UK something we are not geared up for either lol… But as you say… We are ‘Coool’ and will get through…
    Lots of love your way Elizabeth….. And getting dirty in all part of enjoying childhood and growing .. I always have dirt beneath my nails after a good stint in the garden LOL….
    Sending love my friend…. ❤

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    • It seems their best times are when they are getting dirty. The girls are ‘best friends’ now and enjoy spending time together. LC is trying to learn some sign language and that’s a good thing. Yes, still HOT here but it always is this time of year so it’s not unusual or unexpected.
      Love to you and yours too.

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      • Thank you Elizabeth…. I don’t know how you cope with very hot weather… Its been 37C here in England today… Certainly too warm for me Lol…. We are used to rain and cooler summers if it gets to 21 C we usually well pleased 🙂
        So good LC is learning to Sign I started to learn a little when I did support work but then the person we were supporting got moved, so it fell by the wayside as our bosses didn’t want to extend training in that area.. But I learn a few basics… Very valuable and LC a credit to you Elizabeth, she has grown so much …
        Much love right back ❤

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    • Right? My mama never used polish so I never got that done. I use to paint my nieces nails and now Little Cutie’s and her friend’s nails. Yes…it’s been busier and yet less financially profitable. Still I’m grateful for all of it. Hugs and thoughts.


  3. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth. It’s not hard to see that you have a beautiful family and are great parents, always coming up with fun things for the kids to do. How is T doing with the cochlear? Amazing what technology can do now. Sign language is something I have really wanted to learn for a while. You have a little teacher right there. Take care of yourselves.

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  4. looks like those kids are having a great free fun time, and they should all get dirty 😉

    You’re looking well Elizabeth and your grandies are growing quickly! Congrats on the anniversary

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  5. HA! YAY for friends, fun, and getting dirty!!! Good memories being made! 🙂
    T is a cutie! 🙂 You all are making such a positive impact in her life! 🙂
    Kids don’t even have to speak the same language and they get along and they communicate! Wish adults could do so well.
    🙂 🤟 🙂

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    • Getting dirty is the best usually. 🙂 Tbear is a mess. Always on the go…Gigi’s boy and as cute as pie. 😉 Little Cutie is happy to know that no one can replace our bond or have the same relationship we do. That is so true about kids–we can learn a lot from them. Hugs and love.

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  6. Photographs are lovely. We wait for the summer, just to get some sun, but end up having heat and humidity. The weather has been harsh for us too. We had them going up to 40 C. Then none of us get out.

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